Clinton Myers

Clinton Myers
Riding in memory of Brenda and Joe
Cancer is the largest killer of kids in Canada, 27 children are diagnosed every week. Please donate now and support my challenge to fight kids' cancer!
I've Ridden 535.4 km to fight kids' cancer
My Rankings
  • National: 2573rd
  • Province: 335th in BC
  • My Team: 1st
I've raised $1,040.61 My goal is $2,500 Donate Now

I'm Riding For

Brenda and Joe

When children die, people tend to not want to talk about it. Nobody wants to deal with the pain. The problem is that by not talking, we can't heal, and we don't give ourselves the opportunity to talk about the good things and the happy memories. Last summer my dad gave me a wonderful gift. He told me a couple of wonderful stories about times he spent with Brenda. He talked about a time when she was able to find some joy while she was living in the hospital. Dad helped me to learn how to heal from a loss, and now I'm using that lesson to heal from losing him.

My Story

26 Apr 2021

This August I will be riding to raise money for the Sick Kids Foundation. They do amazing work that is incredibly important. Follow the links here and read more about what they do.

Cancer robbed my family of someone special when I was a kid. She was my aunt, but she wasn't much older than me. Growing up in the same house, she was more like a best friend and sibling to me. Losing Brenda was traumatic for the whole family and it left emotional scars that I didn't learn to deal with until 37 years later.

Brenda spent a lot of her time in the hospital. Like so many children with terminal cancers, the hospital became her home. The Sick Kids Foundation helps children like Brenda to have the best life they can possibly have, even when they are struggling with a terminal illness. It's not just about finding cures, it's about reducing suffering and bringing some joy to the lives of sick kids.

I'm also riding in honour of my dad (Joe Myers), who we lost this Spring. Love you dad!

My Challenge

  • 3.6 km ride - 3.61km Road Cycling - Friday, October 8, 2021
    Logged this ride 18 days ago
  • 3.6 km ride - 3.55km Road Cycling - Friday, October 8, 2021
    Logged this ride 18 days ago
  • 26.2 km ride - 26.19km Road Cycling - Sunday, October 3, 2021
    Logged this ride 23 days ago
  • 25.5 km ride - 25.51km Road Cycling - Wednesday, September 1, 2021
    Logged this ride 56 days ago
  • $1,000 raised to fight kids' cancer!

    I just hit $1,000 to fight kids' cancer! Thank you so much for your support.

    Posted 57 days ago
  • 55.3 km ride - 55.29km Road Cycling - Saturday, August 28, 2021
    Logged this ride 59 days ago
  • 21.3 km ride - 21.27km Road Cycling - Saturday, August 28, 2021
    Logged this ride 60 days ago
  • 40.0 km ride - Stationary Bike on a Rainy Day - August 26, 2021

    From JDF Rec Centre to JDF Rec Centre

    Logged this ride 61 days ago
  • 18.2 km ride - 18.22km Road Cycling - Monday, August 23, 2021
    Logged this ride 64 days ago
  • 80.4 km ride - 80.39km Road Cycling - Saturday, August 21, 2021
    Logged this ride 66 days ago
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