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Rank Name Raised
1st Prodomax Trailblazers Prodomax Trailblazers $2,055
Members of Prodomax Trailblazers
24th Don Leslie Don Leslie $1,190
287th Sean Steele Sean Steele $425
319th Adam Smith Adam Smith $390
1722nd Greg Parker Greg Parker $50
N/A Angela Kuiack Angela Kuiack $0
N/A Lee Carson Lee Carson $0
N/A Victor Ceolin Victor Ceolin $0
2nd Swiss Re Slow Uphillers Swiss Re Slow Uphillers $1,680
Members of Swiss Re Slow Uphillers
71st John Pfeffer John Pfeffer $755
N/A Jonathan Turner Jonathan Turner $300
825th Andrea Wang Andrea Wang $155
1144th David Moss David Moss $100
1144th Heather Ingram Heather Ingram $100
1722nd Manuel Groeger Manuel Groeger $50
3rd Global Excel Global Excel $1,375
Members of Global Excel
135th Lou Caputo Lou Caputo $605
273rd Steve McClung Steve McClung $445
982nd Hans Jonasson Hans Jonasson $120
982nd Nathalie Lafond Nathalie Lafond $120
1389th Ashley Kovacs Ashley Kovacs $85
N/A Catherine Phaneuf Catherine Phaneuf $0
N/A Jennifer Taylor Lowd Jennifer Taylor Lowd $0
N/A Katelynn McLellan Katelynn McLellan $0
N/A Miranda Hanna Miranda Hanna $0
4th Success Fitness "Never Give Up" Success Fitness "Never Give Up" $900
Members of Success Fitness "Never Give Up"
190th Sonja Bidese Sonja Bidese $535
486th Paolo Bidese Paolo Bidese $280
1389th Rachel Olsen Rachel Olsen $85
N/A Lisa Burke Lisa Burke $0
5th Blackbaud Blackbaud $506
Members of Blackbaud
263rd Chris Geady Chris Geady $471
2074th Kirk Lilwall Kirk Lilwall $35
6th Caledonia Martial Arts Academy Caledonia Martial Arts Academy $435
Members of Caledonia Martial Arts Academy
388th Scott Fletcher Scott Fletcher $335
N/A Karl Watson Karl Watson $0
7th CapeScape Landscaping CapeScape Landscaping $415
Members of CapeScape Landscaping
347th Gary Basso Gary Basso $365
N/A Alisha Knowles Alisha Knowles $0
N/A Andy Knowles Andy Knowles $0
N/A Conrad Snow Conrad Snow $0
N/A Daina Basso Daina Basso $0
N/A Gillian Snow Gillian Snow $0
N/A Hayley Porter Hayley Porter $0
N/A Jenna Gay Jenna Gay $0
N/A Kenneth Macleod Kenneth Macleod $0
N/A Michelle Campbell Michelle Campbell $0
N/A Nancy Sheaves Nancy Sheaves $0
N/A Rashedul Rafi Rashedul Rafi $0
N/A Scott Boyd Scott Boyd $0
8th Team Brattle 2019 Team Brattle 2019 $350
Members of Team Brattle 2019
982nd Andy Harington Andy Harington $120
982nd Nicholas Harington Nicholas Harington $120
2033rd Haleh Asadnia Haleh Asadnia $40
N/A Chris Polson Chris Polson $0
N/A Wendy Wilkins Wendy Wilkins $0
9th Easy Rider's Easy Rider's $310
Members of Easy Rider's
N/A Martin Leclair Martin Leclair $100
1144th Sara Shaw Sara Shaw $100
2603rd Jean-Pierre Salamé Jean-Pierre Salamé $20
10th Transport Canada National Aircraft Certification Riders Transport Canada National Aircraft Certification Riders $305
Members of Transport Canada National Aircraft Certification Riders
768th Remy Knoerr Remy Knoerr $170
1144th Audrey Manzo Audrey Manzo $100
2074th Brad Taylor Brad Taylor $35
N/A Katherine Thompson Katherine Thompson $0
11th Mckenzieking Designs Mckenzieking Designs $280
Members of Mckenzieking Designs
N/A Diane King Diane King $0
N/A Ian Mckenzie Ian Mckenzie $0
N/A Kristina Butler Kristina Butler $0
12th Fit PALs Fit PALs $270
Members of Fit PALs
N/A Natalie Wert Natalie Wert $120
1144th Tonia Savoury-Drewlo Tonia Savoury-Drewlo $100
1722nd David Luckman David Luckman $50
N/A Megan Angelini Megan Angelini $0
13th SKF-Test SKF-Test $209
Members of SKF-Test
767th SKF-Test Test2 SKF-Test Test2 $173
14th Medavie Cyclepaths Medavie Cyclepaths $185
Members of Medavie Cyclepaths
1144th Kim Ford Kim Ford $100
1722nd Greg Delaney Greg Delaney $50
2074th Daniel Lanteigne Daniel Lanteigne $35
N/A Rhonda Currie Rhonda Currie $0
15th Amazing Homes Group Amazing Homes Group $155
Members of Amazing Homes Group
825th Nuria Cano Ortiz Nuria Cano Ortiz $155
16th Holaco Holaco $135
Members of Holaco
917th Christian Thomassen Christian Thomassen $135
N/A Angelo Sestito Angelo Sestito $0
17th The Chainbreakers The Chainbreakers $120
Members of The Chainbreakers
982nd Charlene Chu Charlene Chu $120
N/A Theresa Rowan Theresa Rowan $0
18th Lazy Ninjas Lazy Ninjas $100
Members of Lazy Ninjas
1144th Daniel MacDonald Daniel MacDonald $100
N/A Keith Brady Keith Brady $0
N/A Vathsan Poopalaratnam Vathsan Poopalaratnam $0
19th MakersOn2Wheels MakersOn2Wheels $100
Members of MakersOn2Wheels
1144th Wendy Fraser Wendy Fraser $100
20th Nolan Hill Sobeys Nolan Hill Sobeys $100
Members of Nolan Hill Sobeys
1144th Dawn Racette Dawn Racette $100
21st Perforcers Perforcers $100
Members of Perforcers
1144th Bert Carapiet Bert Carapiet $100
22nd Vincent Design Vincent Design $100
Members of Vincent Design
1144th Chris Redekop Chris Redekop $100
N/A Kali MacDonald Kali MacDonald $0
N/A Katie Milbery Katie Milbery $0
23rd Bear Creek Physio Bear Creek Physio $85
Members of Bear Creek Physio
2074th Denise Ward Denise Ward $35
N/A Amanda Sherbert Amanda Sherbert $25
2492nd Claudio Almeida Claudio Almeida $25
24th TDOG-BC1 TDOG-BC1 $85
Members of TDOG-BC1
1722nd Magali Lalonde-Legault Magali Lalonde-Legault $50
2074th Mairin Macdonald Mairin Macdonald $35
25th Trōv Trōv $85
Members of Trōv
1722nd Heikki Koivikko Heikki Koivikko $50
2074th Kim Bilida Kim Bilida $35
26th Team GOI Team GOI $60
Members of Team GOI
1667th Eric Ratch Eric Ratch $60
N/A Jane Greig Jane Greig $0
27th WorkSafeBC WorkSafeBC $50
Members of WorkSafeBC
1722nd Leo Guevara Leo Guevara $50
28th PETER PETER $35
Members of PETER
2074th Peter Hroch Peter Hroch $35
29th The Mighty Avalerians The Mighty Avalerians $35
Members of The Mighty Avalerians
2074th Nicolas Buache Nicolas Buache $35
30th Wildewood Riders Wildewood Riders $35
Members of Wildewood Riders
2074th Naomi Wilde Naomi Wilde $35
N/A Joel Southwood Joel Southwood $0
N/A Nick Wilde Nick Wilde $0
N/A Terry Wilde Terry Wilde $0
31st SKF Test Team SKF Test Team $29.69
Members of SKF Test Team
2601st SKF-Test3 Test SKF-Test3 Test $23.19
32nd Quality Move Management Quality Move Management $25
Members of Quality Move Management
N/A Lynette Lacasse Lynette Lacasse $0
N/A Mari Juk Mari Juk $0
33rd TeamHGS TeamHGS $10
Members of TeamHGS
N/A Andrew Austin Andrew Austin $0
N/A Don Hasey Don Hasey $0
N/A Lisa Woodgate Lisa Woodgate $0
N/A solomon kappala solomon kappala $0
34th SKF Test SKF Test $6
Members of SKF Test
2829th Margaret Evans Margaret Evans $6
N/A Bless the Children Bless the Children $0
Members of Bless the Children
N/A Jay Landry Jay Landry $0
N/A Chances Castlegar Chances Castlegar $0
Members of Chances Castlegar
N/A Devin Scott Devin Scott $0
N/A Danby Danby $0
Members of Danby
N/A Cory Weirmier Cory Weirmier $0
N/A DNDVictoria DNDVictoria $0
Members of DNDVictoria
N/A Annabelle Harrington Annabelle Harrington $0
N/A Groundswell Group Edmonton Groundswell Group Edmonton $0
Members of Groundswell Group Edmonton
N/A David Maldonado David Maldonado $0
N/A Hive Ride Hive Ride $0
Members of Hive Ride
N/A Dana McKee Dana McKee $0
Members of I CAN
N/A Steve Setka Steve Setka $0
N/A Tom Setka Tom Setka $0
N/A ICPM Pedal Power ICPM Pedal Power $0
Members of ICPM Pedal Power
N/A Natasha Cultraro Natasha Cultraro $0
N/A Sky Cultraro Sky Cultraro $0
N/A Tabetha Hall Tabetha Hall $0
N/A Istillia Larp Istillia Larp $0
Members of Istillia Larp
N/A David Nickele David Nickele $0
N/A James Bay Care Cyclers James Bay Care Cyclers $0
Members of James Bay Care Cyclers
N/A Burnie Nicholson Burnie Nicholson $0
N/A Dale Kirk Dale Kirk $0
N/A Lenora Brown Lenora Brown $0
N/A Kingston Signallers Kingston Signallers $0
Members of Kingston Signallers
N/A Thor Stites Thor Stites $0
N/A Modern Niagara Ottawa Modern Niagara Ottawa $0
Members of Modern Niagara Ottawa
N/A Ernie Currie Ernie Currie $0
N/A Jason Bourgeau Jason Bourgeau $0
N/A Mitchell Hovey Mitchell Hovey $0
N/A Rob Tweedy Rob Tweedy $0
N/A Parking Peddler Parking Peddler $0
Members of Parking Peddler
N/A Lloyd Stacey Lloyd Stacey $0
N/A Salesforce Halifax Salesforce Halifax $0
Members of Salesforce Halifax
N/A John Bowman John Bowman $0
Members of SCP@COV
N/A Jordon Miller Jordon Miller $0
N/A Spin to Win (Golder and Friends) Spin to Win (Golder and Friends) $0
Members of Spin to Win (Golder and Friends)
N/A Alex Szot Alex Szot $0