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Rank Name Raised
1st Team Alamos Gold Team Alamos Gold $2,320
Members of Team Alamos Gold
76th Ron Danis Ron Danis $885
90th Joey Roy Joey Roy $800
335th August Burroughsford August Burroughsford $350
530th Lynne Danis Lynne Danis $235
2nd Mats Unlimited Mats Unlimited $1,300
Members of Mats Unlimited
N/A Luke Terhart Luke Terhart $0
N/A Nathan Stasiewich Nathan Stasiewich $0
N/A Paul Stasiewich Paul Stasiewich $0
3rd Nu Vue Exteriors Nu Vue Exteriors $950
Members of Nu Vue Exteriors
N/A alvin mccready alvin mccready $0
N/A Deb Vanderwal Deb Vanderwal $0
N/A Ryan Niessen Ryan Niessen $0
4th Going the Distance Going the Distance $820
Members of Going the Distance
153rd Mervin Reibin Mervin Reibin $620
1011th Ken Hill Ken Hill $100
1423rd Karen Shipp Karen Shipp $50
1423rd Katharina Heinrichs Katharina Heinrichs $50
N/A Katharine Young Katharine Young $0
N/A Kathy Spence Kathy Spence $0
N/A Tisha Sharma Tisha Sharma $0
N/A Trevor Beardy Trevor Beardy $0
N/A Viswanathan Swaminathan Viswanathan Swaminathan $0
N/A Vitali Zobel Vitali Zobel $0
5th Swiss Re Slow Uphillers Swiss Re Slow Uphillers $776
Members of Swiss Re Slow Uphillers
96th John Pfeffer John Pfeffer $776
6th TELUS Victory Team 2020 TELUS Victory Team 2020 $675
Members of TELUS Victory Team 2020
318th Eric Arantes Eric Arantes $370
610th Mark Davis Mark Davis $200
1400th Angela Dueck Angela Dueck $55
1423rd Cynthia Smith Cynthia Smith $50
N/A Wellington Leite Wellington Leite $0
7th CommScope CommScope $650
Members of CommScope
N/A Shawn Brown Shawn Brown $555
1650th Bryan Jones Bryan Jones $35
1992nd Sunny Gupta Sunny Gupta $25
N/A Hayden Barker Hayden Barker $0
N/A Mike Millar Mike Millar Mike Millar Mike Millar $0
8th Waterloo iNCRedibles Waterloo iNCRedibles $600
Members of Waterloo iNCRedibles
200th Tino Fernandes Tino Fernandes $530
1423rd Clifford Mathew Clifford Mathew $50
2071st Cole Vander Veen Cole Vander Veen $20
N/A Damien Dorobek Damien Dorobek $0
N/A Kanwar Singh Kanwar Singh $0
N/A Kulvinder Singh Kulvinder Singh $0
N/A Pooja Joshi Pooja Joshi $0
N/A Saatvik Bhayana Saatvik Bhayana $0
N/A Yuktika Pahwa Yuktika Pahwa $0
9th J.H. Gordon Books J.H. Gordon Books $561
Members of J.H. Gordon Books
441st Cory Slinger Cory Slinger $270
1423rd Julie Gordon Julie Gordon $50
10th Canuck Training Canuck Training $250
Members of Canuck Training
479th Shane Roberts Shane Roberts $250
N/A Jamie Phillips Jamie Phillips $0
N/A Jessica Keogh Jessica Keogh $0
11th Canmore Plumbing and Heating Canmore Plumbing and Heating $170
Members of Canmore Plumbing and Heating
705th Kim Beanland Kim Beanland $170
N/A Darrell Cranny Darrell Cranny $0
N/A Jacob Michels Jacob Michels $0
12th The Mighty Avalerians The Mighty Avalerians $170
Members of The Mighty Avalerians
1240th Hugh Lindley Hugh Lindley $70
1423rd Art Harchenko Art Harchenko $50
1423rd Nicolas Buache Nicolas Buache $50
N/A abeer qannita abeer qannita $0
N/A Marc L Marc L $0
N/A Sahil Rana Sahil Rana $0
13th Wheeling Umbrellas Wheeling Umbrellas $160
Members of Wheeling Umbrellas
1980th Carla Du Toit Carla Du Toit $30
N/A Chris Stephens Chris Stephens $0
N/A Colin Brinson Colin Brinson $0
N/A Maddie Cunning Maddie Cunning $0
N/A nicole redmond nicole redmond $0
N/A Ryan McGrew Ryan McGrew $0
N/A Tyler Reynolds Tyler Reynolds $0
14th SupportMyMac SupportMyMac $120
Members of SupportMyMac
876th Chris Lafleur bell Chris Lafleur bell $120
15th The Adventure Therapy Project The Adventure Therapy Project $100
Members of The Adventure Therapy Project
1219th Hayden Matthew Breau Hayden Matthew Breau $75
1992nd Mike Hudson Mike Hudson $25
N/A Kevin McCormick Kevin McCormick $0
N/A Matthew Casey Matthew Casey $0
16th Seekers Seekers $95
Members of Seekers
1155th Lorrin Prudhomme Lorrin Prudhomme $95
17th Sunco Communications and Installation Ltd Sunco Communications and Installation Ltd $85
Members of Sunco Communications and Installation Ltd
1187th Jason Woods Jason Woods $85
N/A Wes Schoenberger Wes Schoenberger $0
18th Fleet Diving Unit - Canada Fleet Diving Unit - Canada $80
Members of Fleet Diving Unit - Canada
1638th Joe Falletta Joe Falletta $40
N/A Jonathan Gendron Jonathan Gendron $0
N/A Sebastien Guay Sebastien Guay $0
19th Pacemakers Pacemakers $70
Members of Pacemakers
N/A Brandon Babcock Brandon Babcock $0
N/A Larisa Sviridova Larisa Sviridova $0
20th CleanEnergy CleanEnergy $50
Members of CleanEnergy
1423rd Matthew Wright Matthew Wright $50
21st Full Throttle Riders Full Throttle Riders $40
Members of Full Throttle Riders
1638th Mike Penner Mike Penner $40
N/A Allan Hall Allan Hall $0
22nd SRDC SRDC $35
Members of SRDC
1650th Arij Habbab Arij Habbab $35
N/A Elizabeth Rodgers Elizabeth Rodgers $0
N/A Dassault Systèmes Dassault Systèmes $0
Members of Dassault Systèmes
N/A Valerie Dumais Valerie Dumais $0
N/A Family Physio Family Physio $0
Members of Family Physio
N/A Emily Hanson Emily Hanson $0
N/A Vijay Kulasekeran Vijay Kulasekeran $0
N/A Fitness Pals Fitness Pals $0
Members of Fitness Pals
N/A David Luckman David Luckman $0
N/A Natalie Wert Natalie Wert $0
N/A MacCon Public Safety MacCon Public Safety $0
Members of MacCon Public Safety
N/A Connor Foy Connor Foy $0
N/A Keith Foster Keith Foster $0
N/A Mitchell Orpe Mitchell Orpe $0
N/A Okta Okta $0
Members of Okta
N/A Ajay Thomas Ajay Thomas $0
N/A Christopher Leung Christopher Leung $0
N/A Narges Fallahi Narges Fallahi $0
N/A Sam Sanjabi Sam Sanjabi $0
N/A Reminems Reminems $0
Members of Reminems
N/A Katelyn Holt Katelyn Holt $0
Members of SJFX
N/A Allie Fryday Allie Fryday $0
N/A Laura Hutchings Laura Hutchings $0
Members of TDS
N/A Mihai Florea Mihai Florea $0
Members of TEAM-HGS
N/A Lisa Woodgate Lisa Woodgate $0
N/A Sagar Lohar Sagar Lohar $0
N/A solomon kappala solomon kappala $0
N/A Vincent Design Vincent Design $0
Members of Vincent Design
N/A Chris Redekop Chris Redekop $0
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