Elana Himmelbauer

Elana Himmelbauer
I am riding 200 km in memory of Tristan wight. Please sponsor me and support my challenge to fight kids' cancer and save little lives.
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Tristan wight

Tristan wight

We were lucky …. He survived. It was so incredibly hard and at times we never thought we would get through it. And yet here we are. Even though we felt very alone we were not. With people like you donating money, time, blood and platelets you can make a difference!

My Story

2 Aug 2022

We all have been affected by cancer. But when it’s a child it’s different.

I can only speak if my own experience. My child had cancer for 7 years with less then a 2% chance of surviving. He also has a high risk of a relapse before the age of 30.

The trauma alters your family and child is changed forever. He/she child never becomes who they were suppose to be… it can have lifetime effects that compounds the original trauma and fractures everyone.

Like a Humpty Dumpty family where pieces just continue to fall off and your picking them up and gluing them back on, hoping they will stick.

If you can’t donate money go give blood 🩸 or even better blood and platelets.

THESE THINGS matter. They save lives and can make a horrible situation a little less devastating.

Please support my challenge to end childhood cancer and save little lives by making a donation through my fundraising page.

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Here's my personal impact over 4 years to fight kids' cancer and save little lives.
  • 838 km Ridden
    $1,511 Raised
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    $2,722 Raised
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1,241 km
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