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Rank Name Raised
1st Dal PT Dal PT $6,445
Members of Dal PT
534th Brian Tomie Brian Tomie $1,925
698th Shelby McLean Shelby McLean $1,645
1680th Roisin Gallivan Roisin Gallivan $1,025
4397th Caitlin Roberts Caitlin Roberts $515
4543rd Melanie Bishop Melanie Bishop $500
5454th Myriam Richard Myriam Richard $395
6671st Carrie-Jane Murphy Carrie-Jane Murphy $260
2nd SFU BPK SFU BPK $2,330
Members of SFU BPK
1670th Pawel Kudzia Pawel Kudzia $1,030
2128th Anya Predojevic Anya Predojevic $870
7419th Leanne Ramer Leanne Ramer $190
7604th Aleksandra Dojnov Aleksandra Dojnov $170
9166th Max Donelan Max Donelan $70
3rd UOttawa Medicine UOttawa Medicine $2,115
Members of UOttawa Medicine
2726th Sherif El Meniawy Sherif El Meniawy $730
2774th Haydi El Meniawy Haydi El Meniawy $720
3771st Gabrielle Di Lorenzo Gabrielle Di Lorenzo $580
9626th Nardine Bekhit Nardine Bekhit $50
N/A Daniel Picard Daniel Picard $0
N/A Melissa Reed Melissa Reed $0
N/A Nathan Chiarlitti Nathan Chiarlitti $0
N/A Rahym Belrachid Rahym Belrachid $0
N/A Sarah Giacobbo Sarah Giacobbo $0
4th CHS Falcons CHS Falcons $600
Members of CHS Falcons
4893rd Chiara Wharton Chiara Wharton $480
8204th Pip Willis Pip Willis $120
N/A Tiffany Hui Tiffany Hui $0
5th OneSchool Global OneSchool Global $485
Members of OneSchool Global
4863rd Evan Rogers Evan Rogers $485
6th UBC MBAs UBC MBAs $435
Members of UBC MBAs
5178th Lara El Hanouni Lara El Hanouni $435
N/A Nilay Yuce Nilay Yuce $0
N/A Early Learning Explorer's Early Learning Explorer's $0
Members of Early Learning Explorer's
N/A Dianna Morris Dianna Morris $0
N/A Eliza Sullivan Eliza Sullivan $0
N/A Personal Fitness Class 2020 Personal Fitness Class 2020 $0
Members of Personal Fitness Class 2020
N/A Trevor Thompson Trevor Thompson $0
N/A Valley Christian School Riders Valley Christian School Riders $0
Members of Valley Christian School Riders
N/A Julie Loeppky Julie Loeppky $0
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