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Rank Name Raised
301st Ride the World Ride the World $70
Members of Ride the World
6542nd Alan Bartlett Alan Bartlett $35
302nd screw cancer screw cancer $70
Members of screw cancer
5898th Raymond Mateus Raymond Mateus $70
N/A Jonas Zuckerman Jonas Zuckerman $0
303rd Team Yowamushi Pedal Team Yowamushi Pedal $70
Members of Team Yowamushi Pedal
6441st Vanesa Lopez Vanesa Lopez $45
N/A Alexandra Lopez Alexandra Lopez $0
N/A Andres Cifuentes Andres Cifuentes $0
N/A Camilo Araya Camilo Araya $0
N/A Erick Lopez Erick Lopez $0
N/A Gerard Barrios Gerard Barrios $0
N/A Sofia Yamail Gonzales Sofia Yamail Gonzales $0
304th UNSTOPPABLE - Bike Riders UNSTOPPABLE - Bike Riders $65
Members of UNSTOPPABLE - Bike Riders
6055th Julian Zebibbo Julian Zebibbo $65
N/A Wilton Zamora Wilton Zamora $0
305th Team Altitude 3000 Team Altitude 3000 $60
Members of Team Altitude 3000
6542nd Sanel Ahmic Sanel Ahmic $35
N/A Ian Smith Ian Smith $0
306th Cycle Magic Cycle Magic $50
Members of Cycle Magic
6188th Maggie Mansfield Maggie Mansfield $50
307th Gears of Bros Gears of Bros $50
Members of Gears of Bros
6188th Dylan McCafferty Dylan McCafferty $50
308th Jack in the box Rebooted 🤘 Jack in the box Rebooted 🤘 $50
Members of Jack in the box Rebooted 🤘
N/A Alan Ataeimehr Alan Ataeimehr $0
N/A Eric Tuzson Eric Tuzson $0
N/A Ronald Muresan Ronald Muresan $0
309th Jigs On Wheels Jigs On Wheels $50
Members of Jigs On Wheels
N/A Kooshal Ramkhelawon Kooshal Ramkhelawon $0
N/A Samar Phondge Samar Phondge $0
N/A Shawn Sieiro Shawn Sieiro $0
310th Just me Just me $50
Members of Just me
6188th Jocelyn Penner Jocelyn Penner $50
311th MTL MTL $50
Members of MTL
6188th Cedric Tawil Cedric Tawil $50
312th Spokes4Hope Spokes4Hope $50
Members of Spokes4Hope
6902nd Damien Lacasse Damien Lacasse $30
7058th Glenda Rempel Glenda Rempel $20
N/A Christina Tarrant Christina Tarrant $0
313th Wheelie squad Wheelie squad $45
Members of Wheelie squad
6441st Riley Richard Riley Richard $45
314th DC Heros DC Heros $40
Members of DC Heros
6487th Jordan Smith Jordan Smith $40
315th Daffodil Daffodil $35
Members of Daffodil
6542nd Julie Kleuskens Julie Kleuskens $35
316th Herd Of Cats Herd Of Cats $35
Members of Herd Of Cats
6542nd Eric Plamondon Eric Plamondon $35
317th I Can And I Will I Can And I Will $35
Members of I Can And I Will
6542nd Kristina Masey Kristina Masey $35
N/A Michael Wood Michael Wood $0
318th Jack's Team Jack's Team $35
Members of Jack's Team
6542nd Cheryl Veber Cheryl Veber $35
N/A Jack Veber Jack Veber $0
319th KyMa KyMa $35
Members of KyMa
6542nd Kyle Saunders Kyle Saunders $35
320th Los Kikos Los Kikos $35
Members of Los Kikos
6542nd Rodolfo Chacon Rodolfo Chacon $35
321st Sonya,'s super women Sonya,'s super women $35
Members of Sonya,'s super women
6542nd Lisa Spicer portelli Lisa Spicer portelli $35
322nd Team Arctic Team Arctic $35
Members of Team Arctic
N/A Justin DalePaul Dutchak Justin DalePaul Dutchak $35
N/A Tyler Nolan Tyler Nolan $0
323rd Team Believe Team Believe $35
Members of Team Believe
6542nd Jason Bourque Jason Bourque $35
N/A Melissa Bourque Melissa Bourque $0
324th Team Mo Team Mo $35
Members of Team Mo
6542nd Stephane Morand Stephane Morand $35
325th Anna’s Team Anna’s Team $30
Members of Anna’s Team
6902nd Anna Delano Anna Delano $30
N/A Clarissa Noordhoek Clarissa Noordhoek $0
N/A Janna Turinski Janna Turinski $0
N/A Paige Lowen Paige Lowen $0
326th Carrie and Jen Carrie and Jen $20
Members of Carrie and Jen
N/A Carrie Wilson Carrie Wilson $20
N/A Jennifer Lowe Jennifer Lowe $0
327th Maritime Travellers Maritime Travellers $20
Members of Maritime Travellers
7058th Carolyn Martin Carolyn Martin $20
N/A Abby Grant Abby Grant $0
328th Parkbroz Parkbroz $20
Members of Parkbroz
7058th Dylan Ahern Dylan Ahern $20
N/A Mario Zhong-Vorkapic Mario Zhong-Vorkapic $0
N/A Qoy Ross Qoy Ross $0
329th The Smarties The Smarties $20
Members of The Smarties
7058th Todd Smart Todd Smart $20
330th cycle Gaspé cycle Gaspé $15
Members of cycle Gaspé
7236th Antoine Brisson Antoine Brisson $15
331st Brenda Brenda $10
Members of Brenda
7249th Brenda Fuss Brenda Fuss $10
N/A Michael Brooker Michael Brooker $0
332nd Champagne-Deaves Champagne-Deaves $10
Members of Champagne-Deaves
4081st Melanie Champagne-Deaves Melanie Champagne-Deaves $10
N/A Karen Thiessen Karen Thiessen $0
333rd Cyclouver Cyclouver $10
Members of Cyclouver
7249th Caitlin Moser Caitlin Moser $10
334th GO Getters GO Getters $10
Members of GO Getters
7249th Aseem Jindal Aseem Jindal $10
335th Pointless Journey team Pointless Journey team $10
Members of Pointless Journey team
7249th Dallas Adekat Dallas Adekat $10
336th The locals The locals $10
Members of The locals
6319th Tyler Duff Tyler Duff $10
N/A Conner Oram Conner Oram $0
N/A (EVBC) East Van Bike Crew (EVBC) East Van Bike Crew $0
Members of (EVBC) East Van Bike Crew
N/A Zack Ary Zack Ary $0
N/A ***k Cancer! ***k Cancer! $0
Members of ***k Cancer!
N/A Sarah Kane Sarah Kane $0
N/A 0. 0. $0
Members of 0.
N/A Marie Eddy Marie Eddy $0
N/A 1gearcrew 1gearcrew $0
Members of 1gearcrew
N/A Mathis Rose Mathis Rose $0
N/A 3afareet El-Asfalt 3afareet El-Asfalt $0
Members of 3afareet El-Asfalt
N/A Kareem Abou El-Ela Kareem Abou El-Ela $0
N/A A team A team $0
Members of A team
N/A Holly Attwood Holly Attwood $0
N/A Amigos Amigos $0
Members of Amigos
N/A Gloria White Gloria White $0
N/A Argentinos en Toronto Argentinos en Toronto $0
Members of Argentinos en Toronto
N/A Leandro Taibo Leandro Taibo $0
N/A Arthritis beats Cancer Arthritis beats Cancer $0
Members of Arthritis beats Cancer
N/A Brittney Wall Brittney Wall $0
Members of AS/IS
N/A Amelia Hewitt Amelia Hewitt $0
N/A Sonya Woods Sonya Woods $0
N/A Awesome Awesome $0
Members of Awesome
N/A Melissa Antaya Melissa Antaya $0
N/A Awesomeness Awesomeness $0
Members of Awesomeness
N/A Amanda Kapteyn Amanda Kapteyn $0
N/A Christina Kapteyn Christina Kapteyn $0
N/A Joseph Kapteyn Joseph Kapteyn $0
N/A Melissa Kapteyn Melissa Kapteyn $0
N/A Nathan Bouwman Nathan Bouwman $0
N/A Saralyn Bouwman Saralyn Bouwman $0
N/A Azzurri Azzurri $0
Members of Azzurri
N/A claudio Colaiacovo claudio Colaiacovo $0
N/A Walter Di Cesare Walter Di Cesare $0