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Rank Name Raised
1st The Goldings The Goldings $2,171
Members of The Goldings
17th Jordan Golding Jordan Golding $2,171
2nd Fedorowich Riders Fedorowich Riders $1,135
Members of Fedorowich Riders
74th Jay Fedorowich Jay Fedorowich $635
110th Ashley Fedorowich Ashley Fedorowich $500
3rd Ryley’s Riders Ryley’s Riders $850
Members of Ryley’s Riders
51st Tim Martin Tim Martin $850
4th Team Dupuis Team Dupuis $785
Members of Team Dupuis
93rd Allison Anckaert Allison Anckaert $535
259th Ryan Dupuis Ryan Dupuis $150
5th Too Tentacool For You Too Tentacool For You $749
Members of Too Tentacool For You
61st Emily McLaughlin Emily McLaughlin $749
6th Elliana VS Leukemia Elliana VS Leukemia $300
Members of Elliana VS Leukemia
315th Bonnie Thornington Bonnie Thornington $100
427th Matthew Thornington Matthew Thornington $50
N/A Adrian Maurer Adrian Maurer $0
N/A Amy Maurer Amy Maurer $0
N/A Anna Maurer Anna Maurer $0
7th Team MJ Team MJ $235
Members of Team MJ
216th Tariq Maruf Tariq Maruf $200
470th Mohammed Javed Maruf Mohammed Javed Maruf $35
N/A Hamzah Maruf Hamzah Maruf $0
8th The Bojahras The Bojahras $235
Members of The Bojahras
279th Joshua Bojahra Joshua Bojahra $135
315th Brittany Dixon Brittany Dixon $100
9th Zach’s Pack Zach’s Pack $180
Members of Zach’s Pack
425th Zachary Allen Zachary Allen $55
N/A Melissa French Melissa French $0
10th The Flying Dutchies The Flying Dutchies $105
Members of The Flying Dutchies
385th Eric Van Halteren Eric Van Halteren $70
470th Donald Van Halteren Donald Van Halteren $35
11th Team Maiya Team Maiya $100
Members of Team Maiya
N/A Gert Hamilton Gert Hamilton $0
N/A Mary McKeen Mary McKeen $0
12th Landon & Mom Landon & Mom $75
Members of Landon & Mom
N/A Jenn Jessup Sayers Jenn Jessup Sayers $0
13th Cyclepaths Cyclepaths $50
Members of Cyclepaths
N/A Gavin McClelland Gavin McClelland $0
N/A Sandy Szabo Sandy Szabo $0
14th Team mama bear + cubs Team mama bear + cubs $50
Members of Team mama bear + cubs
554th Juana Lepelli Juana Lepelli $50
15th V19 Crew V19 Crew $50
Members of V19 Crew
427th Wade Veldhuyzen vanZanten Wade Veldhuyzen vanZanten $50
16th Les groseilles Les groseilles $40
Members of Les groseilles
553rd Félix Desgrosseilliers Félix Desgrosseilliers $20
553rd Georgette Desgrosseilliers Georgette Desgrosseilliers $20
N/A Dan Desgrosseilliers Dan Desgrosseilliers $0
17th Happy Rides Happy Rides $35
Members of Happy Rides
470th Lucas El-Deir Lucas El-Deir $35
N/A Alexander El-Deir Alexander El-Deir $0
18th Friends and Family Friends and Family $20
Members of Friends and Family
553rd Caitlin Hallett Caitlin Hallett $20
N/A Blue Thunder Cycling Blue Thunder Cycling $0
Members of Blue Thunder Cycling
N/A Philip Agnoletto Philip Agnoletto $0
N/A Electric Carrots Electric Carrots $0
Members of Electric Carrots
N/A Eliza Deary Eliza Deary $0
N/A Family of Awesomeness Family of Awesomeness $0
Members of Family of Awesomeness
N/A Ashley Patterson Ashley Patterson $0
N/A Laurie Patterson-Lieth Laurie Patterson-Lieth $0
N/A Fight Childhood Cancer Fight Childhood Cancer $0
Members of Fight Childhood Cancer
N/A Elissa Payne Elissa Payne $0
N/A Henny's Magic Bench Henny's Magic Bench $0
Members of Henny's Magic Bench
N/A Jennifer McCambridge Jennifer McCambridge $0
N/A Monkeys And Papa Monkeys And Papa $0
Members of Monkeys And Papa
N/A Allan Smith Allan Smith $0
N/A Carter Loree Carter Loree $0
N/A Ciaran Bruneau Ciaran Bruneau $0
N/A Gryphon C Gryphon C $0
N/A Jacob Loree Jacob Loree $0
N/A Speed Speed $0
Members of Speed
N/A Tayten Doucette Tayten Doucette $0
N/A Team Cowie Team Cowie $0
Members of Team Cowie
N/A Jon Cowie Jon Cowie $0
N/A Khala Cowie Khala Cowie $0
N/A Team Evan Team Evan $0
Members of Team Evan
N/A Trudy Conway Trudy Conway $0
N/A Team Renzetti Team Renzetti $0
Members of Team Renzetti
N/A Guy Renzetti Guy Renzetti $0
N/A Team Super Ronan Team Super Ronan $0
Members of Team Super Ronan
N/A Judy Marie Judy Marie $0
N/A The Burbs The Burbs $0
Members of The Burbs
N/A James Burbidge James Burbidge $0
N/A Jenny Burbidge Jenny Burbidge $0
N/A The Poodles The Poodles $0
Members of The Poodles
N/A Evarist Tavares Evarist Tavares $0
N/A Jacob McKenzie Jacob McKenzie $0
N/A Lee-Anna Murray Lee-Anna Murray $0
N/A The Spain’s The Spain’s $0
Members of The Spain’s
N/A Dawson Spain Dawson Spain $0
Members of VTOA
N/A Jennifer Young Jennifer Young $0
N/A Young Gray Mares Young Gray Mares $0
Members of Young Gray Mares
N/A Doug Teramoto Doug Teramoto $0
N/A Tracy Watson Tracy Watson $0
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