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Rank Name Raised
1st The Wheel Deal The Wheel Deal $5,029
Members of The Wheel Deal
13th Mike Schrauwen Mike Schrauwen $3,559
144th Jamie Schrauwen Jamie Schrauwen $1,211
2nd CycloFam CycloFam $3,376
Members of CycloFam
17th Martin Durocher Martin Durocher $3,376
N/A Gaetan Patenaude Gaetan Patenaude $0
N/A Lyndsay Cormier Lyndsay Cormier $0
3rd Lilu Hohmann Multipass Lilu Hohmann Multipass $2,534
Members of Lilu Hohmann Multipass
2217th Heather Carter Heather Carter $104
4th Cupcakes Dinos and Rhinos Cupcakes Dinos and Rhinos $2,271
Members of Cupcakes Dinos and Rhinos
2688th Matthew Sharron Matthew Sharron $72
2952nd Harrison Sharron Harrison Sharron $57
2952nd Jackson Sharron Jackson Sharron $57
2998th Jake Bingley Jake Bingley $52
3373rd Lisa Belmore Lisa Belmore $36
5th Team Shakka Team Shakka $1,966
Members of Team Shakka
320th Jay Malsi Jay Malsi $777
663rd Beatrize Gonzalez Beatrize Gonzalez $528
1146th Francis Gonzalez Francis Gonzalez $304
1168th Jenniviv Gonzalez Jenniviv Gonzalez $298
2949th Les Telesforo Les Telesforo $60
6th Team Essex Team Essex $1,563
Members of Team Essex
226th Larysa Essex Larysa Essex $942
696th Kevin Essex Kevin Essex $518
7th Team T&T Team T&T $1,470
Members of Team T&T
430th Tova Davidson Tova Davidson $653
529th Tino Fernandes Tino Fernandes $589
8th Welsch family rollers Welsch family rollers $1,464
Members of Welsch family rollers
178th Darcy Welsch Darcy Welsch $1,076
1370th Logan Welsch Logan Welsch $233
1775th Lukas Welsch Lukas Welsch $155
9th Team Tandem Team Tandem $1,395
Members of Team Tandem
244th Charie Carlos Charie Carlos $902
809th Delson Carlos Delson Carlos $493
10th Addy’s Italian Stallions Addy’s Italian Stallions $1,253
Members of Addy’s Italian Stallions
243rd Jacob Orso Jacob Orso $904
1662nd Chandra Crawford Chandra Crawford $176
2989th Tony Bekavac Tony Bekavac $53
N/A Adrian Orso Adrian Orso $0
N/A Caitlin Gobbi Caitlin Gobbi $0
N/A Leonardo Fiori Leonardo Fiori $0
N/A Michelle Garwood-Orso Michelle Garwood-Orso $0
N/A Sebastian Fiori Sebastian Fiori $0
11th Team Sarah Team Sarah $1,168
Members of Team Sarah
493rd Sarah Hamby Sarah Hamby $611
1332nd Mark Hamby Mark Hamby $247
1662nd Kiarra H Kiarra H $176
2168th Amanda Garcia Amanda Garcia $109
3850th Tyler Garcia Tyler Garcia $26
N/A Riley Goodson Riley Goodson $0
12th Rotten Piece of Fish Rotten Piece of Fish $1,106
Members of Rotten Piece of Fish
210th Jeff Healy Jeff Healy $1,002
2217th Jennifer Glennie Jennifer Glennie $104
13th Eco-cheetos Eco-cheetos $1,002
Members of Eco-cheetos
545th Hector Turner Hector Turner $580
876th Sandy Stemp Sandy Stemp $422
14th Krazee Kousins Krazee Kousins $876
Members of Krazee Kousins
411th Bonnie Gunderson Bonnie Gunderson $673
1528th Catherine Leahy Catherine Leahy $204
N/A Randal Procyshen Randal Procyshen $0
15th The James Gang The James Gang $857
Members of The James Gang
2217th Eric Holland Eric Holland $104
N/A Karen Holland Karen Holland $0
16th Forever Young Forever Young $845
Members of Forever Young
582nd Ray Hubble Ray Hubble $564
3965th Annette Comeau Annette Comeau $21
17th Ryleys Riders Ryleys Riders $822
Members of Ryleys Riders
568th Tim Martin Tim Martin $569
1949th Kaitlynn Martin Kaitlynn Martin $127
1951st Hayley Martin Hayley Martin $126
18th The Cycling Pots The Cycling Pots $779
Members of The Cycling Pots
317th Gerry Pot Gerry Pot $779
N/A Patricia Pot Patricia Pot $0
N/A Tim Pot Tim Pot $0
19th Koriza's Team Koriza's Team $752
Members of Koriza's Team
600th Koriza Ali-Mohammed Koriza Ali-Mohammed $554
1554th AJ M AJ M $199
20th Kitten Crusaders Kitten Crusaders $737
Members of Kitten Crusaders
2659th Avori Jones Avori Jones $72
N/A Ian Jones Ian Jones $0
21st Alex et Bryan Alex et Bryan $726
Members of Alex et Bryan
598th Bryan Martel-Hovington Bryan Martel-Hovington $555
2542nd Alexandra Martel Alexandra Martel $93
22nd Les Larocque Les Larocque $700
Members of Les Larocque
1007th Ariane Larocque Ariane Larocque $350
1007th Guillaume Larocque Guillaume Larocque $350
23rd 4McMurray 4McMurray $636
Members of 4McMurray
622nd Martha McMurray Martha McMurray $543
2688th Matt McMurray Matt McMurray $72
24th Team Bugajda Team Bugajda $630
Members of Team Bugajda
464th George Bugajda George Bugajda $630
25th Team Fossheim Team Fossheim $612
Members of Team Fossheim
1055th Crystal Fossheim Crystal Fossheim $327
1186th Lyle Fossheim Lyle Fossheim $285
26th Wheelmart Wheelmart $611
Members of Wheelmart
526th Steve Carscadden Steve Carscadden $590
N/A Kelly Carscadden Kelly Carscadden $0
N/A Kim Carscadden Kim Carscadden $0
27th Team FENDER Team FENDER $604
Members of Team FENDER
511th Lynelle Fender Lynelle Fender $604
28th 4 Mix Riders 4 Mix Riders $571
Members of 4 Mix Riders
843rd Brenda McNairn Brenda McNairn $454
2146th Jake McNairn Jake McNairn $117
N/A Liam McNairn Liam McNairn $0
N/A Paul McNairn Paul McNairn $0
29th Jon & Rach’s great cycle challenge! Jon & Rach’s great cycle challenge! $528
Members of Jon & Rach’s great cycle challenge!
2217th Rachael Cullimore Rachael Cullimore $104
N/A Jonathan Cebulak Jonathan Cebulak $0
30th Holmes Crew Holmes Crew $526
Members of Holmes Crew
672nd Adam Holmes Adam Holmes $526
N/A Alexandra Duquette Alexandra Duquette $0
31st Monkeys And Papa Monkeys And Papa $523
Members of Monkeys And Papa
N/A Allan Smith Allan Smith $0
N/A Carter Loree Carter Loree $0
N/A Ciaran Bruneau Ciaran Bruneau $0
N/A Gryphon C Gryphon C $0
N/A Jacob Loree Jacob Loree $0
32nd Team Macey Team Macey $511
Members of Team Macey
731st John Macey John Macey $511
33rd M4 M4 $507
Members of M4
746th Mauricio Rivera Mauricio Rivera $507
34th Le ti couple ♥️ Le ti couple ♥️ $501
Members of Le ti couple ♥️
783rd Jolyane Beaudette Jolyane Beaudette $501
N/A Jordan Boissonneault Jordan Boissonneault $0
35th Chariots of Fire Chariots of Fire $500
Members of Chariots of Fire
786th Priya B Priya B $500
36th FamiLEE Rides FamiLEE Rides $486
Members of FamiLEE Rides
1102nd Carlene Lee Carlene Lee $311
2688th Jenel Lee Jenel Lee $72
37th Abby's Army Abby's Army $476
Members of Abby's Army
1098th Abigail Vahey Abigail Vahey $311
1720th Leanne Vahey King Leanne Vahey King $166
N/A Gavin and Aiden Vahey Gavin and Aiden Vahey $0
N/A Noah Tomlinson Noah Tomlinson $0
N/A Ron Gardiner Ron Gardiner $0
38th Hitchens Ride Hitchens Ride $466
Members of Hitchens Ride
1264th Jay Hitchen Jay Hitchen $259
1775th Bev Hitchen Bev Hitchen $155
2998th Steven Hitchen Steven Hitchen $52
N/A Koby Hitchen Koby Hitchen $0
39th Pickle’s Pedal Pushers Pickle’s Pedal Pushers $429
Members of Pickle’s Pedal Pushers
1519th Bonnie Beresford Bonnie Beresford $206
1906th Jennifer Power Jennifer Power $136
2595th Dylan P. Forbes Dylan P. Forbes $87
40th Team Asim. Team Asim. $414
Members of Team Asim.
890th Haroon Qamar Haroon Qamar $414
41st M&S M&S $404
Members of M&S
1315th Sarah Hulst Sarah Hulst $248
2998th Merri-Beth Hulst Merri-Beth Hulst $52
42nd Team Bonlando Team Bonlando $383
Members of Team Bonlando
1041st Tyler Bohnet Tyler Bohnet $331
2998th Maria Berlando Maria Berlando $52
43rd The "A" Team The "A" Team $346
Members of The "A" Team
1915th Dan Desgrosseilliers Dan Desgrosseilliers $136
2484th Bob Desgrosseilliers Bob Desgrosseilliers $100
2905th Nicole Desgrosseilliers Nicole Desgrosseilliers $70
4066th Felix D Felix D $20
4066th Georgette D Georgette D $20
44th My Dalo My Dalo $288
Members of My Dalo
1183rd Fatima Samji Fatima Samji $288
45th Blue Thunder Blue Thunder $276
Members of Blue Thunder
N/A Philip Agnoletto Philip Agnoletto $0
46th Holger & Tara Holger & Tara $261
Members of Holger & Tara
1262nd Tara Macgregor Tara Macgregor $261
47th TeamDad TeamDad $252
Members of TeamDad
1416th Teddy Capua Teddy Capua $226
3850th Charlene Capua Charlene Capua $26
N/A Jan Allen Capua Jan Allen Capua $0
48th Poulins JR and Sandra Poulins JR and Sandra $250
Members of Poulins JR and Sandra
1304th Mikey12110 Poulin Mikey12110 Poulin $250
49th Slowspokes Slowspokes $243
Members of Slowspokes
1775th Chris Buchner Chris Buchner $155
50th Mère et fille Mère et fille $207
Members of Mère et fille
1467th Manon Manon Manon Manon $207
N/A Esméralda Simard Esméralda Simard $0