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Rank Name Raised
1st Together We Ride Together We Ride $13,883
Members of Together We Ride
15th Zachary Wells Zachary Wells $10,000
198th Maddison Cochrane Maddison Cochrane $3,883
2nd Maggie's Little Bells Maggie's Little Bells $12,341
Members of Maggie's Little Bells
281st Jenn Ann Jenn Ann $3,492
428th Ambrose Patterson Ambrose Patterson $2,966
633rd Linda SNOW Linda SNOW $2,550
1220th John Snow John Snow $1,645
2247th Ben Davis Ben Davis $1,143
8342nd Joan Noseworthy Joan Noseworthy $190
11529th Joan Newhook Joan Newhook $20
3rd Buddy's buddies Buddy's buddies $12,075
Members of Buddy's buddies
859th Joan Deming Joan Deming $2,051
1114th David Woolley David Woolley $1,729
1904th Josh Deming Josh Deming $1,260
1999th Jake Deming Jake Deming $1,222
2102nd Jess Deming Jess Deming $1,190
2221st Jody Rymer Jody Rymer $1,150
2564th Greg Deming Greg Deming $1,051
3905th Jay Carroll Jay Carroll $750
4434th Ryan Maguire Ryan Maguire $678
7816th Julie Spooner Julie Spooner $250
8698th Tyrone Spooner Tyrone Spooner $150
8930th Owen Rymer Owen Rymer $130
9242nd Meghan Rymer Meghan Rymer $105
9319th Scott Rymer Scott Rymer $100
9639th Leah Rymer Leah Rymer $90
9886th Nathan Rymer Nathan Rymer $70
4th Gearing Up With The GOSAINS Gearing Up With The GOSAINS $11,148
Members of Gearing Up With The GOSAINS
127th Neetu Sakhuja Neetu Sakhuja $4,629
616th Manisha Gosain Manisha Gosain $2,574
1460th Nisha Sharma Nisha Sharma $1,490
1816th Mona Ganesh Mona Ganesh $1,300
5549th Devakar Gosain Devakar Gosain $550
6118th Nina Sharma Nina Sharma $505
9319th Deepakveer Virk Deepakveer Virk $100
N/A Rahul Gosain Rahul Gosain $0
5th Team Rylyn Team Rylyn $10,847
Members of Team Rylyn
866th Noah Paterson Noah Paterson $2,041
1951st Jared Roch Jared Roch $1,244
4186th Ingrid Glaw Ingrid Glaw $711
4743rd Paul Olfert Paul Olfert $635
4914th Jackson Riddell-Davies Jackson Riddell-Davies $619
5282nd Jennifer Caya Jennifer Caya $576
5488th Dan Kehler Dan Kehler $555
7077th Laura Barton Laura Barton $377
7467th Callum Wilkinson Callum Wilkinson $300
7734th Andy Tataryn Andy Tataryn $264
8014th Carlyn Cadriel Carlyn Cadriel $229
8293rd Aline Tataryn Aline Tataryn $199
8568th Gene Cadriel Gene Cadriel $164
9819th Brent Wilkinson Brent Wilkinson $75
9819th Daxton Lopushniuk Daxton Lopushniuk $75
10271st Jack Wilkinson Jack Wilkinson $50
N/A Brennan Sikorsky Family Brennan Sikorsky Family $0
N/A Carlyn Cadriel Carlyn Cadriel $0
N/A Colin Walker Colin Walker $0
N/A Conor Rewniak Conor Rewniak $0
N/A Jordan Henderson Jordan Henderson $0
N/A Marco Ruelas Marco Ruelas $0
N/A Taylor Tataryn Taylor Tataryn $0
6th Pho Wheel Drive Pho Wheel Drive $10,792
Members of Pho Wheel Drive
181st Mali Gou Mali Gou $4,050
938th Sallie Vuong Sallie Vuong $2,011
2637th Christina Nguyen Christina Nguyen $1,035
2919th Dobby Yuen Dobby Yuen $992
3130th Benny Tseng Benny Tseng $901
3816th Derek Ip Derek Ip $765
4006th Tony Vuong Tony Vuong $738
7th The Procter Rockets The Procter Rockets $10,719
Members of The Procter Rockets
459th Kate Procter Kate Procter $2,850
781st Arnie Spivey Arnie Spivey $2,206
1569th Charlie Procter Charlie Procter $1,421
1672nd George Procter George Procter $1,357
2161st Jennifer Cooper Jennifer Cooper $1,169
6609th anne procter anne procter $481
7569th Helen Otterman Helen Otterman $287
8th The DP and Alex Show The DP and Alex Show $10,594
Members of The DP and Alex Show
35th Alex Perel Alex Perel $7,924
598th Diana P Diana P $2,600
9th Old Guys on Bikes Old Guys on Bikes $10,020
Members of Old Guys on Bikes
86th Brian Gibson Brian Gibson $5,368
529th Neil Gibson Neil Gibson $2,717
2591st Tom Conant Tom Conant $1,045
3180th Kyle Gibson Kyle Gibson $890
10th Bhangra Anytime Bhangra Anytime $8,956
Members of Bhangra Anytime
223rd Sandeep Ghotra Sandeep Ghotra $3,751
1021st Martin Flanagan Martin Flanagan $1,802
3450th Sidak Ghotra Sidak Ghotra $827
4605th Mehul Modi Mehul Modi $655
5019th Jaspreet Ghotra Jaspreet Ghotra $605
6292nd Eeshar Pannu Eeshar Pannu $500
6292nd Rababb Pannu Rababb Pannu $500
9007th amardeep bedi amardeep bedi $120
10125th Ayush Shah Ayush Shah $65
10685th Hetal Modi Hetal Modi $40
11529th Aarav Modi Aarav Modi $20
11529th Yash Modi Yash Modi $20
N/A Amitoj Kaur Bedi Amitoj Kaur Bedi $0
N/A Anureet Bedi Anureet Bedi $0
N/A mandeep bedi mandeep bedi $0
N/A manreet bedi manreet bedi $0
N/A Richa Parmar Richa Parmar $0
N/A Vaidehi Desai Vaidehi Desai $0
11th Tour De Family Tour De Family $8,762
Members of Tour De Family
714th Mike Cybulski Mike Cybulski $2,380
1413th Joan Jacquemain Joan Jacquemain $1,515
2195th Maxine Smitiuch Maxine Smitiuch $1,160
3032nd Paige Smitiuch Paige Smitiuch $925
4373rd Aaron Gould Aaron Gould $687
4550th Jeanne Smitiuch Jeanne Smitiuch $663
5897th Catherine Jacquemain Catherine Jacquemain $520
6292nd Keith Smitiuch Keith Smitiuch $500
8863rd Bobby Smitiuch Bobby Smitiuch $135
9598th Sybille Gourdon Sybille Gourdon $95
N/A Adam Smitiuch Adam Smitiuch $0
12th Team Evan Team Evan $7,949
Members of Team Evan
1824th Suzanne Guest Suzanne Guest $1,299
5482nd Scott Smith Scott Smith $556
6635th Trudy Conway Trudy Conway $471
13th Team Waterloo Team Waterloo $7,691
Members of Team Waterloo
387th Jim Gilbert Jim Gilbert $3,074
1014th Jenn Marr Jenn Marr $1,812
3803rd Denyse Doherty Denyse Doherty $767
3855th Joel Doherty Joel Doherty $759
5175th Dwayne Hayes Dwayne Hayes $587
6642nd Mitch McLean Mitch McLean $469
8509th shihan sajeed shihan sajeed $222
14th Fat Man Moving Fat Man Moving $7,477
Members of Fat Man Moving
427th Anthony Palarchio Anthony Palarchio $2,968
437th Michael Giordano Michael Giordano $2,929
2847th Dan Giordano Dan Giordano $1,000
8065th Terra Fioze Terra Fioze $220
15th Jacob's Guys Jacob's Guys $7,384
Members of Jacob's Guys
158th Dave McKenzie Dave McKenzie $4,183
1341st Mark Kyte Mark Kyte $1,556
1802nd Paul Attack Paul Attack $1,305
16th Undefeated Undefeated $6,760
Members of Undefeated
1454th Morgan Peters Morgan Peters $1,495
2674th Brett Quinn Brett Quinn $1,029
3508th Travis Bentley Travis Bentley $819
3905th Christopher Smith Christopher Smith $750
4073rd Johnny Skinner Johnny Skinner $727
4718th Johnny Bell Johnny Bell $639
5173rd Kennedy MacKinnon Kennedy MacKinnon $588
6082nd Brad Smith Brad Smith $508
1988th Kim Bui Kim Bui $1,227
2312th Caleb Norris Caleb Norris $1,120
3387th Jaclyne Laurin Jaclyne Laurin $840
3621st Eric Norris Eric Norris $800
4130th Holly Brown Holly Brown $720
4264th Linda Martin Linda Martin $700
6292nd Brian Norris Brian Norris $500
8930th Gabrielle Norris Gabrielle Norris $130
N/A Kel Stasiv Kel Stasiv $0
18th Mason’s Mason’s $6,300
Members of Mason’s
456th Ian Matthews Ian Matthews $2,862
2070th Todd Mason Todd Mason $1,200
2694th Ryan Mason Ryan Mason $1,023
3369th Lisa Mason Lisa Mason $845
N/A Louis Ssekiswa Louis Ssekiswa $0
19th Szypula Rides! Szypula Rides! $6,289
Members of Szypula Rides!
42nd Petra Szypula Petra Szypula $4,314
1282nd Adam Szypula Adam Szypula $1,600
20th Kewl Bikings Kewl Bikings $6,286
Members of Kewl Bikings
3085th Ryleigh Sabaratnam Ryleigh Sabaratnam $910
3812th Aidan Morgan Aidan Morgan $766
4598th Joanne Fernandes Joanne Fernandes $656
5154th Addison Sabaratnam Addison Sabaratnam $590
6009th Jordan Dhaliwal Jordan Dhaliwal $514
6122nd Austin and Ethan Rixen Austin and Ethan Rixen $505
6246th Maya Dhaliwal Maya Dhaliwal $501
6292nd Julia and Emily Dunn Julia and Emily Dunn $500
6667th Lennon & Edward Aspinall Lennon & Edward Aspinall $463
6812th Monica An Monica An $433
7937th avni magendran avni magendran $238
8142nd JP Sabaratnam JP Sabaratnam $210
21st Hitchens' Ride Hitchens' Ride $6,213
Members of Hitchens' Ride
343rd Jay Hitchen Jay Hitchen $3,216
1286th Bev Hitchen Bev Hitchen $1,598
4180th Steven Hitchen Steven Hitchen $712
5426th Koby Hitchen Koby Hitchen $560
8958th Amy Hitchen Amy Hitchen $127
22nd Team Adair Team Adair $6,021
Members of Team Adair
1442nd Anita Blanchette Anita Blanchette $1,500
2449th Darlene Bertsch Darlene Bertsch $1,085
4264th Dawn Berard Dawn Berard $700
5288th Corey Rasmussen Corey Rasmussen $575
6292nd Karlee Bertsch Karlee Bertsch $500
6292nd Kim Blanchette Kim Blanchette $500
6903rd Natalie Vankka Natalie Vankka $410
7664th Lyndsay Bertsch Lyndsay Bertsch $273
7913th Jennifer Coates Jennifer Coates $240
8852nd Eryn Bertsch Eryn Bertsch $138
23rd Purdys on Wheels Purdys on Wheels $5,448
Members of Purdys on Wheels
3676th Talia and Jackson Purdy Talia and Jackson Purdy $791
4822nd Sarah Purdy Sarah Purdy $627
6292nd Nick Purdy Nick Purdy $500
8770th Kaila Moore Kaila Moore $145
24th No Training Wheels No Training Wheels $5,426
Members of No Training Wheels
329th Marty Gordon Marty Gordon $3,281
829th Claire Gordon Claire Gordon $2,095
25th Team Boan Team Boan $5,354
Members of Team Boan
87th Derek Boan Derek Boan $5,354
26th Soares/Chan Family Soares/Chan Family $5,350
Members of Soares/Chan Family
433rd Joe Soares Joe Soares $2,940
4605th Cassandra Chan Cassandra Chan $655
4990th Colin Soares Colin Soares $610
5434th Nella Soares Nella Soares $560
8974th Darren Chan Darren Chan $125
9679th Sam Reid Sam Reid $85
N/A Rachel Cope Rachel Cope $0
27th Cass' Courage Cass' Courage $5,140
Members of Cass' Courage
1152nd Shawna Davidson Shawna Davidson $1,703
3996th Tammy Daoust Tammy Daoust $740
4155th Shirley Gauthier Shirley Gauthier $715
6259th Melodie Labelle Melodie Labelle $501
6273rd Desiree Labelle Desiree Labelle $500
7890th Tara Wheeler Tara Wheeler $245
8568th Crystal Labelle Crystal Labelle $164
8914th Ryan O'Dette Ryan O'Dette $132
11341st Cassandra Labelle Cassandra Labelle $25
28th Howes it going going gone. Howes it going going gone. $5,101
Members of Howes it going going gone.
406th Lori Howes Lori Howes $3,031
2521st Cathy Colledge Cathy Colledge $1,064
2784th Deandra Howes Deandra Howes $1,006
29th Hau Girls Hau Girls $4,828
Members of Hau Girls
1328th Janna Hau Janna Hau $1,563
3017th Erin Sherwood Erin Sherwood $936
4669th Jakki Allchurch Jakki Allchurch $646
6067th Susan Hau Susan Hau $510
30th Caswells for Kids Caswells for Kids $4,743
Members of Caswells for Kids
2178th Kathleen Caswell Kathleen Caswell $1,163
4151st Terry Caswell Terry Caswell $716
4715th Victoria Caswell DeGeer Victoria Caswell DeGeer $640
5237th Pamela Porter Pamela Porter $580
5283rd Sandra Caswell Sandra Caswell $576
7704th OKsana Buncha OKsana Buncha $267
8455th Gordon Caswell Gordon Caswell $176
8970th alan caswell alan caswell $126
9625th Oleh Buncha Oleh Buncha $92
10125th Gordon Caswell Gordon Caswell $65
10193rd Yaro Vasilenko Yaro Vasilenko $57
31st VeneCan VeneCan $4,647
Members of VeneCan
1128th Fergle DAubeterre Fergle DAubeterre $1,717
3097th Neliana Sosa Neliana Sosa $909
3487th Cepha Sosa Cepha Sosa $821
4064th Juan Sosa Juan Sosa $729
7269th Maria Sosa Maria Sosa $336
9209th Laura Sosa Laura Sosa $110
32nd Team Adam Team Adam $4,610
Members of Team Adam
707th Pria Nippak Pria Nippak $2,420
1247th Faze Rana Faze Rana $1,625
7522nd Adam Rana Adam Rana $295
33rd Team Shaka Team Shaka $4,449
Members of Team Shaka
1791st Lester Telesforo Lester Telesforo $1,309
2931st Francis Gonzalez Francis Gonzalez $980
3274th Jay Malsi Jay Malsi $865
4388th Anthony Leano Anthony Leano $685
6892nd Ernest Che Bendicion Ernest Che Bendicion $410
8223rd Napoleon Dumlao Napoleon Dumlao $200
34th Biking in memory of Brian Biking in memory of Brian $4,238
Members of Biking in memory of Brian
725th Pamela Unrau Pamela Unrau $2,343
958th Debra Shields Debra Shields $1,895
35th The Shoo-Ins The Shoo-Ins $4,147
Members of The Shoo-Ins
605th Jennifer DeLuca Jennifer DeLuca $2,587
5060th Nino DeLuca Nino DeLuca $600
5167th Nate Shewan Nate Shewan $589
36th Team App Team App $4,146
Members of Team App
778th Keiko App Keiko App $2,211
938th Cara App Cara App $1,934
37th Survivors Survivors $4,137
Members of Survivors
284th Christianah Owoeye Christianah Owoeye $3,478
7734th Nathan Owoeye Nathan Owoeye $264
8177th Geoffrey Owoeye Geoffrey Owoeye $205
N/A Lukman Olusesi Lukman Olusesi $0
38th Gearing Up with the Grisdale’s Gearing Up with the Grisdale’s $4,054
Members of Gearing Up with the Grisdale’s
2706th Jerry Grisdale Jerry Grisdale $1,020
4053rd Vanessa Grisdale Vanessa Grisdale $731
4581st Hannah Grisdale Hannah Grisdale $659
5237th Ian Lewis Ian Lewis $580
6292nd Ryan Grisdale Ryan Grisdale $500
7467th Terrie McClocklin Terrie McClocklin $300
39th Achilles' heel Achilles' heel $3,949
Members of Achilles' heel
1137th Shajetha Iyathurai Shajetha Iyathurai $1,712
1840th Niroshiyaah Navaratnam Niroshiyaah Navaratnam $1,293
3002nd Keshen Gnanaseelan Keshen Gnanaseelan $944
40th Team Sunnyhill Team Sunnyhill $3,927
Members of Team Sunnyhill
2765th Anna McDonald Anna McDonald $1,009
2776th Michel Chevalier Michel Chevalier $1,007
2847th Marja Chevalier Marja Chevalier $1,000
3084th Carla Roebuck Carla Roebuck $912
41st Team Simba Team Simba $3,786
Members of Team Simba
648th Jodi Biglow Jodi Biglow $2,536
2847th Jonathan Carroll Jonathan Carroll $1,000
42nd Mike&Jo2020 Mike&Jo2020 $3,752
Members of Mike&Jo2020
723rd Michael Rowland Michael Rowland $2,358
1611th Joanne Rowland Joanne Rowland $1,395
43rd Ash & Larry's Ride to Fight Kids Cancer Ash & Larry's Ride to Fight Kids Cancer $3,721
Members of Ash & Larry's Ride to Fight Kids Cancer
3259th Larry Harrison Larry Harrison $870
7467th Ashley Harrison Ashley Harrison $300
44th Team Addison Team Addison $3,572
Members of Team Addison
901st Addison Tripp Addison Tripp $2,001
3552nd Stephanie Coelho Stephanie Coelho $813
5875th John Coelho John Coelho $524
45th Team OZ Team OZ $3,522
Members of Team OZ
1100th Adam Zarudny Adam Zarudny $1,740
2478th Tyiece Ottey Tyiece Ottey $1,077
4221st Akeil Zarudny Akeil Zarudny $705
46th Edwards Eagles Edwards Eagles $3,518
Members of Edwards Eagles
549th Aileen Edwards Aileen Edwards $2,683
4024th Jeff Edwards Jeff Edwards $735
47th Stephanie Stephanie $3,410
Members of Stephanie
604th Nancy Sieber Nancy Sieber $2,587
3475th Cyndy Talbot Cyndy Talbot $823
48th The High Rollers The High Rollers $3,376
Members of The High Rollers
1904th Michelle Hourihan Michelle Hourihan $1,260
4076th Camille Polan Camille Polan $726
4155th Graham Polan Graham Polan $715
4561st Michael Goldade Michael Goldade $660
49th 2 Sorry Butts 2 Sorry Butts $3,284
Members of 2 Sorry Butts
888th Ed Sykes Ed Sykes $2,018
1982nd Tiffany Loewen Tiffany Loewen $1,230
50th Team Super Ronan Team Super Ronan $3,207
Members of Team Super Ronan
3678th Judy Marie Judy Marie $791
4450th Laura Brougham Laura Brougham $675
5183rd Jean Brougham Jean Brougham $585
6112th Monique MacQuarrie Monique MacQuarrie $506
7369th Brent Brougham Brent Brougham $319
8223rd Murugan N Chellaiah Murugan N Chellaiah $200
8928th Brian Waugh Brian Waugh $131