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Rank Name Raised
1st Team SickKids Team SickKids $17,527.95
Members of Team SickKids
28th Jamie Lamont Jamie Lamont $5,269.79
37th Karen Lamont Karen Lamont $4,365.37
220th Bennett Siaroff Bennett Siaroff $2,108.95
593rd Janet Bye Janet Bye $1,267.60
751st Emree Siaroff Emree Siaroff $1,110
1159th Bryan Campbell Bryan Campbell $876.20
2242nd Rachel Beube Rachel Beube $580
2350th Yoshi Sheshero Yoshi Sheshero $560.13
2606th James Powell James Powell $520
2606th Bradley Leblanc Bradley Leblanc $422.99
4229th Fraser Bye Fraser Bye $206.92
N/A Linda Martinez Linda Martinez $155
6364th Brian Morgenweg Brian Morgenweg $35
6772nd Angie Ciardullo Angie Ciardullo $25
6908th Nancy Jordan Nancy Jordan $20
7189th Shery Ann Leysa Shery Ann Leysa $5
N/A Aaron demarco Aaron demarco $0
N/A Angela Rose Angela Rose $0
N/A Ashley Dykun Ashley Dykun $0
N/A Britney Gabriel Britney Gabriel $0
N/A Cait Brenchley Cait Brenchley $0
N/A Chris Mckenzie Chris Mckenzie $0
N/A Christine Bell Christine Bell $0
N/A Gabriella Christopher Gabriella Christopher $0
N/A Maaya Kaul Maaya Kaul $0
N/A Mandeep Kaur Mandeep Kaur $0
N/A Marijke Vandergrift Marijke Vandergrift $0
N/A Mohammad Zamir Mohammad Zamir $0
N/A Mohiit Bector Mohiit Bector $0
N/A Pitasanna Shanmugathas Pitasanna Shanmugathas $0
N/A Salman Shah Khan Salman Shah Khan $0
2nd Canadian Ski Patrol Sweep Canadian Ski Patrol Sweep $10,038.86
Members of Canadian Ski Patrol Sweep
4th Denis Dion Denis Dion $8,186.05
1568th Tracey Sheldrick Tracey Sheldrick $735.13
2112th Garry Roth Garry Roth $605.76
3491st Anais Sloman Anais Sloman $341.92
5212th Kristi Morton Kristi Morton $100
6364th Melissa Winters Melissa Winters $35
N/A Simrat Kailay Simrat Kailay $35
N/A Debra Barlund Debra Barlund $0
N/A Krishna Poudel Krishna Poudel $0
N/A Monty Jakhu Monty Jakhu $0
N/A Pejman Rouhi Pejman Rouhi $0
3rd Care in the Creek Medical Centre Care in the Creek Medical Centre $6,685.99
Members of Care in the Creek Medical Centre
319th Shirley Haist Shirley Haist $1,806.60
404th Linda Hobson Linda Hobson $1,590.26
1355th Tenealle Scheps Tenealle Scheps $808.52
3048th Tom Dekker Tom Dekker $452.14
3057th Luuk Dekker Luuk Dekker $450.55
3169th Anna Grist Anna Grist $420.02
3359th David Owen David Owen $376.82
4334th Annelies Noordman Annelies Noordman $196.60
4908th Trevor Salmon Trevor Salmon $127.34
5157th Nancy Ross Nancy Ross $105
5558th Schouten Family Schouten Family $81.92
5692nd Nicole Martin Nicole Martin $70
5924th Janneke Wit Janneke Wit $57.34
6285th Jan Marsh Jan Marsh $40.96
6285th Martin Marsh Martin Marsh $40.96
6285th Sanne Dekker Sanne Dekker $40.96
6908th Donna Rosin Donna Rosin $20
N/A Ariette van Pelt Ariette van Pelt $0
N/A David Bopp David Bopp $0
N/A David Bopp David Bopp $0
N/A Eva Breedveld Eva Breedveld $0
N/A Julie Handrahan Julie Handrahan $0
N/A ken coatham ken coatham $0
N/A Sandstone Bragg Creek Pharmacy Sandstone Bragg Creek Pharmacy $0
N/A Tanja van de Kamp Tanja van de Kamp $0
N/A The Jepps The Jepps $0
4th COATS For a Cure COATS For a Cure $4,030.83
Members of COATS For a Cure
512th Richard Henry Richard Henry $1,390.79
897th Brenda Chikoski Brenda Chikoski $1,011.94
1444th Marc Pelletier Marc Pelletier $775
2387th Deborah Law Deborah Law $554.26
4552nd Jeremy Schmidt Jeremy Schmidt $163.84
4822nd Heather Willis Heather Willis $135
N/A Kim Boutilier Kim Boutilier $0
N/A Lisa Davies Lisa Davies $0
5th Main Street Strength & Conditioning Main Street Strength & Conditioning $3,982.53
Members of Main Street Strength & Conditioning
N/A Katie Anne Statler Katie Anne Statler $1,017.47
N/A Alexis scammell Alexis scammell $447.03
N/A Cat Guillaume-Eberle Cat Guillaume-Eberle $420.22
3394th Brett Hagan Brett Hagan $366.92
N/A Rebecca Handy Rebecca Handy $283.84
N/A Jamie Olmstead Jamie Olmstead $263.84
6443rd Cathy Stewart Cathy Stewart $163.84
4684th Lynn Weiers Lynn Weiers $128.73
4961st Naren Davies Naren Davies $124.15
N/A Susan Perron Susan Perron $106.49
N/A Jackie Beattie Jackie Beattie $100
N/A Shanda Prentice Shanda Prentice $100
N/A Leah Gottselig Leah Gottselig $85
N/A Aubrey Shpaiuk Aubrey Shpaiuk $75
N/A Chantal Beaudoin Chantal Beaudoin $50
5988th Jessie Cunningham Jessie Cunningham $50
N/A Lisa McLeod Lisa McLeod $50
N/A Tracy Hnybida Tracy Hnybida $50
5150th Donna Wells Donna Wells $25
N/A Ashley Hill Ashley Hill $0
N/A Ashley Hill Ashley Hill $0
N/A Brian Campbell Brian Campbell $0
N/A Bryan Van Tassel Bryan Van Tassel $0
N/A Candice Robinson Candice Robinson $0
N/A Candra VanTassel Candra VanTassel $0
N/A Chelsea Howe Chelsea Howe $0
N/A Colleen Lambert Colleen Lambert $0
N/A Donavan Perron Donavan Perron $0
N/A Elisabeth Smith Elisabeth Smith $0
N/A Jennifer Owsiak Jennifer Owsiak $0
N/A Jessie Cornea Jessie Cornea $0
N/A Leah Clark Leah Clark $0
N/A Lori Bernt Lori Bernt $0
N/A Patti Leugner Patti Leugner $0
N/A Tara Belanger Tara Belanger $0
6th World service squad World service squad $2,961.67
Members of World service squad
1584th Brian Wright Brian Wright $731.60
2019th Jennifer Shaw Jennifer Shaw $621.51
2027th Kristie Vance Kristie Vance $620.44
3219th Molly McDonald Molly McDonald $409.59
4437th Heidi Cox Heidi Cox $180
5104th Nikki Hillis Nikki Hillis $114.69
5558th Tania Radu Tania Radu $81.92
5642nd Stacey Storie Stacey Storie $75
6250th Kristen Mathias Kristen Mathias $45
N/A Christa Realba Christa Realba $0
N/A Kate Holmes Kate Holmes $0
N/A Kelly Ann Kelly Ann $0
N/A Tim Ford Tim Ford $0
N/A Troy Purdy Troy Purdy $0
N/A Zachara Beemer Zachara Beemer $0
7th Ronsters riders Ronsters riders $2,039.17
Members of Ronsters riders
236th Ronald Mcisaac Ronald Mcisaac $1,824.17
5120th Andrea Butt Andrea Butt $110
8th Kenora - Keewatin Kenora - Keewatin $2,022.72
Members of Kenora - Keewatin
250th Sean Moore Sean Moore $2,022.72
9th Cycling 2 Kick Cancer - One Pedal at a Time! 💪 Cycling 2 Kick Cancer - One Pedal at a Time! 💪 $1,977.47
Members of Cycling 2 Kick Cancer - One Pedal at a Time! 💪
1955th Jenna Cassan Jenna Cassan $633.84
2474th Marlon Zacharias Marlon Zacharias $541.71
3136th Jenna Basson Jenna Basson $431.92
3597th Kyrsten Wilkinson Kyrsten Wilkinson $320
5988th Brea Anderson Brea Anderson $50
N/A Dennae Smith Dennae Smith $0
N/A Leah Friesen Leah Friesen $0
N/A Victor Campbell (Constant) Victor Campbell (Constant) $0
10th St Catharines Roadrunners St Catharines Roadrunners $1,447.05
Members of St Catharines Roadrunners
1373rd Robert llord Robert llord $802.88
1149th Kathy Illich Kathy Illich $644.17
11th REALMEN REALMEN $1,198.43
Members of REALMEN
774th Jamie Wood Jamie Wood $1,098.43
12th Lambton County Lambton County $1,187.45
Members of Lambton County
1418th Taylor Levoy Taylor Levoy $787.45
3271st Todd Angus Todd Angus $400
13th 14CC WELLNESS 14CC WELLNESS $1,088.96
Members of 14CC WELLNESS
2937th Katrina Ansley Katrina Ansley $481.82
N/A Marinel Padernal Marinel Padernal $295
4253rd Kim Grootveld Kim Grootveld $204.80
5143rd Tamara Lewis Tamara Lewis $107.34
N/A Deepesh Patel Deepesh Patel $0
N/A Gloria Cardinal-tan Gloria Cardinal-tan $0
N/A Kim Chamberland Kim Chamberland $0
N/A Liza Servino-Romulo Liza Servino-Romulo $0
14th 3MKMM 3MKMM $1,015
Members of 3MKMM
5363rd Eric Tate Eric Tate $865
N/A Blair Maurice-Mason Blair Maurice-Mason $150
15th Pat Porter Active Living Centre Pat Porter Active Living Centre $1,009.81
Members of Pat Porter Active Living Centre
1137th Sonja West Sonja West $889.81
5692nd Dwyne R Patrick Dwyne R Patrick $70
N/A Pat Porter Active Pat Porter Active $0
16th Summerside Summerside $960
Members of Summerside
993rd brody Cahill brody Cahill $960
N/A Victor Maru Victor Maru $0
17th For The Kids For The Kids $946.83
Members of For The Kids
2638th Jamie McFadden Jamie McFadden $518.10
3448th Mike Brown Mike Brown $353.73
18th Team Willow Fund Team Willow Fund $920.02
Members of Team Willow Fund
2778th Frank Merhar Frank Merhar $500
3313th Hans Mercx Hans Mercx $420.02
19th Hiram's Heroes Hiram's Heroes $872
Members of Hiram's Heroes
1559th Sam Spagat Sam Spagat $737
4822nd Michael Litvak Michael Litvak $135
20th Drydenites Drydenites $858.96
Members of Drydenites
2989th Heather Hannett Heather Hannett $466.29
743rd Jim Hannett Jim Hannett $392.67
21st Team Calgary Team Calgary $823.43
Members of Team Calgary
3202nd Andrea Battistel Andrea Battistel $413.84
3219th Marko Stavric Marko Stavric $409.59
N/A Renée Anseeuw Renée Anseeuw $0
22nd LaBroquerie Rolls LaBroquerie Rolls $733.43
Members of LaBroquerie Rolls
3219th Colleen Buhler Colleen Buhler $409.59
4552nd Nicole Lafreniere Nicole Lafreniere $163.84
4609th Lise Normandeau Lise Normandeau $160
N/A Tim Siran Tim Siran $0
23rd Boca Juniors Canada Boca Juniors Canada $682.34
Members of Boca Juniors Canada
4632nd Deo Bastian Deo Bastian $157.34
5212th Vito De La Boca Vito De La Boca $100
5988th Maria Noel Maria Noel $50
N/A Adrian Zo Adrian Zo $0
N/A Ariel Ramirez Ariel Ramirez $0
N/A Gabriel Veramendiz Gabriel Veramendiz $0
N/A Leo Aguero Leo Aguero $0
N/A Melli Zo Melli Zo $0
N/A Michael Luna-Cordoba Michael Luna-Cordoba $0
N/A Nunez Marcos Nunez Marcos $0
24th Cycling Adventurers Cycling Adventurers $656
Members of Cycling Adventurers
3654th Doris Regula Doris Regula $310
3852nd Les Regula Les Regula $271
25th TribeOfHope TribeOfHope $543.95
Members of TribeOfHope
2950th Anne Pouru Anne Pouru $478.95
5854th Amanda Winchester Amanda Winchester $65
N/A Richard Winchester Richard Winchester $0
N/A Stephen Winchester Stephen Winchester $0
26th 6ix Riderz 6ix Riderz $530
Members of 6ix Riderz
2547th Jeremy Martins Jeremy Martins $530
27th Westboro TRI Warriors Westboro TRI Warriors $490
Members of Westboro TRI Warriors
3009th Andrea Laurel Andrea Laurel $460
6736th Liliane Cardinal Liliane Cardinal $30
28th Bone Shakers Bone Shakers $411.60
Members of Bone Shakers
3211th Deadra Oblander Deadra Oblander $411.60
29th Bikejoring to Fight Kids Cancer Bikejoring to Fight Kids Cancer $393.41
Members of Bikejoring to Fight Kids Cancer
4628th Carolyn Filliter Carolyn Filliter $157.88
4820th Kristy Wager Kristy Wager $135.53
5212th Brittany Pye Brittany Pye $100
N/A Meghan Shaw Meghan Shaw $0
30th Living Word Canadian Reformed Church Living Word Canadian Reformed Church $310.96
Members of Living Word Canadian Reformed Church
3651st Chris Togeretz Chris Togeretz $310.96
31st Modo St Kitts Modo St Kitts $290
Members of Modo St Kitts
4822nd Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly $135
4978th Ralph Kelly Ralph Kelly $120
6364th Victoria Westcott Victoria Westcott $35
N/A Victoria Westcott Victoria Westcott $0
32nd Team Killarney Team Killarney $288.30
Members of Team Killarney
3775th Theodore Mclaughlin Theodore Mclaughlin $288.30
33rd 613MTB 613MTB $265
Members of 613MTB
3882nd Jeff Piper Jeff Piper $265
N/A Michael Torre Michael Torre $0
34th La Crete Lancers La Crete Lancers $265
Members of La Crete Lancers
4099th Corinne Driedger Corinne Driedger $230
N/A Billy Driedger Billy Driedger $0
35th Fitfam4acause Fitfam4acause $250
Members of Fitfam4acause
3962nd Rachel Dewilde Rachel Dewilde $250
36th 357 357 $207
Members of 357
4664th Peter Saratsiotis Peter Saratsiotis $152
5941st Hristo Anastasov Hristo Anastasov $55
N/A Stefan Bayer Stefan Bayer $0
37th Brampton Brampton $190
Members of Brampton
4370th Jem Rey Jem Rey $190
38th Golden Mile Riders Golden Mile Riders $170
Members of Golden Mile Riders
4493rd Laura Higgins Laura Higgins $170
39th SilverFox SilverFox $131.92
Members of SilverFox
4869th Sylvia Robichaud Sylvia Robichaud $131.92
40th Grim Acres Scare Away Cancer Grim Acres Scare Away Cancer $57.34
Members of Grim Acres Scare Away Cancer
5924th Brian Sutherland Brian Sutherland $57.34
41st Hinton riders Hinton riders $55
Members of Hinton riders
5941st Corey Holgate Corey Holgate $55
42nd Never give up Never give up $50
Members of Never give up
5988th Klara Cramer Klara Cramer $50
N/A Stefanie Carter Stefanie Carter $0
43rd NOHS Challengers NOHS Challengers $50
Members of NOHS Challengers
6772nd Benjamin Marcotte Benjamin Marcotte $25
6772nd Susara Marcotte Susara Marcotte $25
N/A Janet Charlebois Janet Charlebois $0
N/A Kim Marcotte Kim Marcotte $0
44th Wolves-r-us pack Wolves-r-us pack $45
Members of Wolves-r-us pack
6250th Ali Doxtator Ali Doxtator $45
N/A Madison Moyer Madison Moyer $0
N/A Nathan Miles Nathan Miles $0
45th Saint Boniface Team Saint Boniface Team $25
Members of Saint Boniface Team
6772nd James Antoine James Antoine $25
46th Deaf and hearing Deaf and hearing $20
Members of Deaf and hearing
5081st Stanley Taylor Stanley Taylor $20
47th Peddles Plus Peddles Plus $20
Members of Peddles Plus
6908th Paul Christopher Halverson Paul Christopher Halverson $20
48th Sportans Sportans $20
Members of Sportans
6908th Tyler Thornton Tyler Thornton $20
49th Khalsa warriors Khalsa warriors $10
Members of Khalsa warriors
7110th Jiwanjot Singh Dhaliwal Jiwanjot Singh Dhaliwal $10
N/A Harman Bajwa Harman Bajwa $0
50th The Marvelous The Marvelous $10
Members of The Marvelous
7110th Julien Leroux-Richardson Julien Leroux-Richardson $10