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Rank Name Raised
1st Canadian Ski Patrol Sweep Canadian Ski Patrol Sweep $1,125
Members of Canadian Ski Patrol Sweep
41st Denis Dion Denis Dion $1,075
1808th Tracey Sheldrick Tracey Sheldrick $50
N/A Garry Roth Garry Roth $0
N/A Kristi Morton Kristi Morton $0
N/A Melissa Winters Melissa Winters $0
2nd Summerside Summerside $960
Members of Summerside
45th brody Cahill brody Cahill $960
3rd Care in the Creek Medical Centre Care in the Creek Medical Centre $740
Members of Care in the Creek Medical Centre
377th Shirley Haist Shirley Haist $350
697th Linda Hobson Linda Hobson $200
757th Tom Dekker Tom Dekker $190
N/A Annelies Noordman Annelies Noordman $0
N/A David Owen David Owen $0
4th Team SickKids Team SickKids $710
Members of Team SickKids
424th Bennett Siaroff Bennett Siaroff $320
646th Emree Siaroff Emree Siaroff $220
948th Jamie Lamont Jamie Lamont $135
2179th Karen Lamont Karen Lamont $35
N/A Aaron demarco Aaron demarco $0
N/A Angela Rose Angela Rose $0
N/A Ashley Dykun Ashley Dykun $0
N/A Bradley Leblanc Bradley Leblanc $0
N/A Christine Bell Christine Bell $0
N/A Mandeep Kaur Mandeep Kaur $0
N/A Mohiit Bector Mohiit Bector $0
N/A Nancy Jordan Nancy Jordan $0
N/A Rachel Beube Rachel Beube $0
N/A Salman Shah Khan Salman Shah Khan $0
5th Ronsters riders Ronsters riders $675
Members of Ronsters riders
236th Ronald Mcisaac Ronald Mcisaac $460
1144th Andrea Butt Andrea Butt $110
6th Hiram's Heroes Hiram's Heroes $652
Members of Hiram's Heroes
226th Sam Spagat Sam Spagat $517
948th Michael Litvak Michael Litvak $135
7th COATS For a Cure COATS For a Cure $541
Members of COATS For a Cure
398th Brenda Chikoski Brenda Chikoski $341
697th Richard Henry Richard Henry $200
N/A Deborah Law Deborah Law $0
N/A Heather Willis Heather Willis $0
N/A Lisa Davies Lisa Davies $0
8th 6ix Riderz 6ix Riderz $530
Members of 6ix Riderz
207th Jeremy Martins Jeremy Martins $530
9th Gander Bicycle Angles Gander Bicycle Angles $260
Members of Gander Bicycle Angles
2135th Stephanie Shelley Stephanie Shelley $40
10th 613MTB 613MTB $230
Members of 613MTB
626th Jeff Piper Jeff Piper $230
N/A Michael Torre Michael Torre $0
11th Team Killarney Team Killarney $105
Members of Team Killarney
1161st Theodore Mclaughlin Theodore Mclaughlin $105
12th La Crete Lancers La Crete Lancers $85
Members of La Crete Lancers
1808th Corinne Driedger Corinne Driedger $50
N/A Billy Driedger Billy Driedger $0
13th St Catharines Roadrunners St Catharines Roadrunners $75
Members of St Catharines Roadrunners
1149th Kathy Illich Kathy Illich $75
N/A Robert llord Robert llord $0
14th Drydenites Drydenites $35
Members of Drydenites
743rd Jim Hannett Jim Hannett $35
N/A Heather Hannett Heather Hannett $0
15th Modo St Kitts Modo St Kitts $35
Members of Modo St Kitts
2179th Victoria Westcott Victoria Westcott $35
N/A Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly $0
16th Pat Porter Active Living Centre Pat Porter Active Living Centre $35
Members of Pat Porter Active Living Centre
2179th Dwyne R Patrick Dwyne R Patrick $35
N/A Sonja West Sonja West $0
17th Westboro TRI Warriors Westboro TRI Warriors $30
Members of Westboro TRI Warriors
2603rd Liliane Cardinal Liliane Cardinal $30
N/A Andrea Laurel Andrea Laurel $0
18th Saint Boniface Team Saint Boniface Team $25
Members of Saint Boniface Team
2623rd James Antoine James Antoine $25
19th Cycling 2 Kick Cancer - One Pedal at a Time! 💪 Cycling 2 Kick Cancer - One Pedal at a Time! 💪 $20
Members of Cycling 2 Kick Cancer - One Pedal at a Time! 💪
2744th Kyrsten Wilkinson Kyrsten Wilkinson $20
20th Khalsa warriors Khalsa warriors $10
Members of Khalsa warriors
2920th Jiwanjot Singh Dhaliwal Jiwanjot Singh Dhaliwal $10
N/A Harman Bajwa Harman Bajwa $0
21st The Marvelous The Marvelous $10
Members of The Marvelous
2920th Julien Leroux-Richardson Julien Leroux-Richardson $10
Members of 14CC WELLNESS
N/A Tamara Lewis Tamara Lewis $0
N/A Boca Juniors Canada Boca Juniors Canada $0
Members of Boca Juniors Canada
N/A Leo Aguero Leo Aguero $0
N/A Nunez Marcos Nunez Marcos $0
N/A Vito De La Boca Vito De La Boca $0
N/A Cyclists of Corner Brook Cyclists of Corner Brook $0
Members of Cyclists of Corner Brook
N/A Kevin Young Kevin Young $0
N/A Equipe TheRock Equipe TheRock $0
Members of Equipe TheRock
N/A Julie Rochette Julie Rochette $0
N/A Fat bikers Fat bikers $0
Members of Fat bikers
N/A Jules doucet Jules doucet $0
N/A Fitfam4acause Fitfam4acause $0
Members of Fitfam4acause
N/A Rachel Dewilde Rachel Dewilde $0
N/A For The Kids For The Kids $0
Members of For The Kids
N/A Jamie McFadden Jamie McFadden $0
N/A Grand Bend Grand Bend $0
Members of Grand Bend
N/A Taylor Hodgins Taylor Hodgins $0
N/A Grim Acres Scare Away Cancer Grim Acres Scare Away Cancer $0
Members of Grim Acres Scare Away Cancer
N/A Brian Sutherland Brian Sutherland $0
N/A Kenora - Keewatin Kenora - Keewatin $0
Members of Kenora - Keewatin
N/A Sean Moore Sean Moore $0
N/A KickAssFun KickAssFun $0
Members of KickAssFun
N/A Elissa Jones Elissa Jones $0
N/A KlnAir4U KlnAir4U $0
Members of KlnAir4U
N/A Erik Haltrecht Erik Haltrecht $0
N/A Rahul Raj Rai Rahul Raj Rai $0
N/A LaBroquerie Rolls LaBroquerie Rolls $0
Members of LaBroquerie Rolls
N/A Lise Normandeau Lise Normandeau $0
N/A Tim Siran Tim Siran $0
N/A Les Vélos de Victo Les Vélos de Victo $0
Members of Les Vélos de Victo
N/A Josh P Michel Josh P Michel $0
N/A Marda Bike Loop Marda Bike Loop $0
Members of Marda Bike Loop
N/A Kahng Beard Kahng Beard $0
N/A Never give up Never give up $0
Members of Never give up
N/A Klara Cramer Klara Cramer $0
N/A Stefanie Carter Stefanie Carter $0
N/A Ottawa road bikers Ottawa road bikers $0
Members of Ottawa road bikers
N/A Tyler-Roo Hunter Tyler-Roo Hunter $0
N/A Peddles Plus Peddles Plus $0
Members of Peddles Plus
N/A Paul Christopher Halverson Paul Christopher Halverson $0
N/A PortCityPedal PortCityPedal $0
Members of PortCityPedal
N/A Janine Roy Janine Roy $0
N/A Riders on Fire Riders on Fire $0
Members of Riders on Fire
N/A Anna Babin Anna Babin $0
N/A Ryan Spera Ryan Spera $0
N/A StandUp4CleanUp StandUp4CleanUp $0
Members of StandUp4CleanUp
N/A Joshua Donald Hewitt Joshua Donald Hewitt $0
N/A Sydney NS Sydney NS $0
Members of Sydney NS
N/A Prikshit Malik Prikshit Malik $0
N/A Tantalum Express Tantalum Express $0
Members of Tantalum Express
N/A Tania Harris Tania Harris $0
N/A The eh Team The eh Team $0
Members of The eh Team
N/A maureen Rose maureen Rose $0
N/A TribeOfHope TribeOfHope $0
Members of TribeOfHope
N/A Amanda Winchester Amanda Winchester $0
N/A Anne Pouru Anne Pouru $0
N/A Richard Winchester Richard Winchester $0
N/A Stephen Winchester Stephen Winchester $0
N/A Twistedspoke Twistedspoke $0
Members of Twistedspoke
N/A Wade Wesa Wade Wesa $0
N/A Windsor's Road Cyclists Windsor's Road Cyclists $0
Members of Windsor's Road Cyclists
N/A Andi Al-Hanuna Andi Al-Hanuna $0
N/A Hakan Celik Hakan Celik $0
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