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Rank Name Raised
1st WillowWood Road Warriors WillowWood Road Warriors $7,381
Members of WillowWood Road Warriors
462nd Nathan Berlin Nathan Berlin $2,938
2782nd Mattia Giancola Mattia Giancola $813
2949th Michael Anthony Michael Anthony $770
3055th Adlen Giancola Adlen Giancola $744
3383rd Ruhaan Gangal Ruhaan Gangal $663
3896th Gwen Rodney Gwen Rodney $569
5051st Dominic Williams Dominic Williams $361
5138th Walid Dowdie Walid Dowdie $337
6042nd Steve Taylor Steve Taylor $160
7663rd Regina Hay Regina Hay $26
N/A Fred Howe Fred Howe $0
N/A Matt Rusinek Matt Rusinek $0
2nd AMA Dojo AMA Dojo $7,062
Members of AMA Dojo
587th Cameron Green Cameron Green $2,653
1836th Team Francisco Team Francisco $1,156
2853rd Aimee Connors Aimee Connors $796
2880th Michael Percival Michael Percival $788
3915th David Silveira David Silveira $567
4599th Kelsey McKittrick Kelsey McKittrick $500
5311th AMA Pilates AMA Pilates $301
6488th Brian Sukhram Brian Sukhram $104
N/A Aaron Hill Aaron Hill $0
N/A Alexandra Mussar Alexandra Mussar $0
N/A Deztinee Fernandes Deztinee Fernandes $0
N/A Gareth Carvalho Gareth Carvalho $0
N/A Ishan Parikh Ishan Parikh $0
N/A Jayden Esguerra Jayden Esguerra $0
N/A Jayden Esguerra Jayden Esguerra $0
N/A Karan Saini Karan Saini $0
3rd Terar Dum Prosim - Ridley College Terar Dum Prosim - Ridley College $6,325
Members of Terar Dum Prosim - Ridley College
354th Rob Burke Rob Burke $3,336
3305th Matt Bowie Matt Bowie $681
3466th Margaret Gralewicz Margaret Gralewicz $646
3926th Bill Mitchell Bill Mitchell $565
4073rd Andrew Leach Andrew Leach $543
4699th Julie Reniewick Julie Reniewick $476
7758th David Pan David Pan $21
7758th Lance Postma Lance Postma $21
N/A Kory Lippert Kory Lippert $0
4th Elboya Riders Elboya Riders $3,163
Members of Elboya Riders
1473rd Ian Grant Ian Grant $1,371
2859th Louise Dougherty Louise Dougherty $793
3896th gabe Brown gabe Brown $569
4943rd Swamy Nadhan Valaboju Swamy Nadhan Valaboju $394
7663rd Sheldon Thurston Sheldon Thurston $26
7878th Hazel Roberts Hazel Roberts $10
N/A Branden Glowa Branden Glowa $0
N/A Bronwyn Wilson Helfrich Bronwyn Wilson Helfrich $0
N/A Noah Rosenfeld Noah Rosenfeld $0
5th Liam Liam $2,286
Members of Liam
1473rd Chantal Barnes Chantal Barnes $1,371
2497th Jen Samuel Jen Samuel $915
N/A Khushi Malik Khushi Malik $0
6th MohawkAPS MohawkAPS $1,348
Members of MohawkAPS
1508th J Williams J Williams $1,348
N/A Collette Martin Collette Martin $0
N/A Lenora Divers Lenora Divers $0
7th James team James team $226
Members of James team
5650th James Parent James Parent $226
N/A Andie Berta Andie Berta $0
8th Team PACK WNSS Team PACK WNSS $120
Members of Team PACK WNSS
7308th Anton Volcansek Anton Volcansek $36
7758th Gregory Schneider Gregory Schneider $21
7758th matt mcBlain matt mcBlain $21
7758th Megan Holstein Megan Holstein $21
7758th Sophia Hopkins Sophia Hopkins $21
N/A Humber Humber $0
Members of Humber
N/A Kevin Chaay Kevin Chaay $0
Members of NUAG
N/A Anup Bobhate Anup Bobhate $0
N/A Pradeep B Pradeep B $0
N/A The Runners The Runners $0
Members of The Runners
N/A Gamachisi Kalil Gamachisi Kalil $0
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