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Rank Name Raised
1st O’Reilly Sports Team O’Reilly Sports Team $3,297.16
Members of O’Reilly Sports Team
897th Reilly Heffernan Reilly Heffernan $1,049.37
1261st Nick Callaghan Nick Callaghan $872.77
1758th Luc Laforest Luc Laforest $705.02
2542nd Lindsay Heffernan Lindsay Heffernan $550
2nd Gravel Girls Gravel Girls $1,476.40
Members of Gravel Girls
1090th Janet Dwillies Janet Dwillies $947.67
3852nd Cynthia C Cynthia C $298.73
4366th Janet Laluk Janet Laluk $205
3rd Grand River Cycling Buds Grand River Cycling Buds $872.58
Members of Grand River Cycling Buds
2202nd Shawn Freure Shawn Freure $610.66
4197th Mackenzie Hill Mackenzie Hill $236.92
4th Speed demons Speed demons $403.95
Members of Speed demons
3400th Cruz Harris Cruz Harris $403.95
N/A Don Harris Don Harris $0
5th Station Station $262.88
Members of Station
5602nd Lauren Mrowka Lauren Mrowka $85.96
N/A Adam Mrowka Adam Mrowka $0
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