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Sporting Clubs & Recreation

Rank Name Raised
1st Caledonia Martial Arts Academy Caledonia Martial Arts Academy $2,117.17
Members of Caledonia Martial Arts Academy
851st Karl Watson Karl Watson $1,074.83
1230th Scott Fletcher Scott Fletcher $885
2nd Success Fitness "Never Give Up" Success Fitness "Never Give Up" $2,113.52
Members of Success Fitness "Never Give Up"
1025th Sonja Bidese Sonja Bidese $998.52
1132nd Paolo Bidese Paolo Bidese $930
5606th Rachel Olsen Rachel Olsen $85
N/A Lisa Burke Lisa Burke $0
N/A Lisa Burke Lisa Burke $0
3rd WTF #gymfam WTF #gymfam $1,050.44
Members of WTF #gymfam
2245th Jess McDonald Jess McDonald $601.92
3677th Jaime McBurney Jaime McBurney $328.52
5084th Stephanie Benger Stephanie Benger $120
N/A Sara Dodd Sara Dodd $0
4th Derailed Snappers Derailed Snappers $50
Members of Derailed Snappers
6077th Karen Dewar-Birk Karen Dewar-Birk $50
N/A Janet Schmidt Janet Schmidt $0
5th Istillia Larp Istillia Larp $8.19
Members of Istillia Larp
7th David Nickele David Nickele $8.19
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