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Rank Name Raised
1st PartnerStack PartnerStack $10,552
Members of PartnerStack
96th Stephanie Kouyoumdjian Stephanie Kouyoumdjian $5,794
829th Tyler Calder Tyler Calder $2,100
1012th Michelle Beal Michelle Beal $1,838
N/A An Mai An Mai $0
N/A Kate Abram Kate Abram $0
N/A Michael Kim Michael Kim $0
N/A Rachel Halldorson Rachel Halldorson $0
2nd SRDC Velo-ciraptors SRDC Velo-ciraptors $7,383
Members of SRDC Velo-ciraptors
982nd Christina Hackett Christina Hackett $1,894
2561st Arij Habbab Arij Habbab $1,000
3349th David Gyarmati David Gyarmati $753
3476th Heather Smith Fowler Heather Smith Fowler $723
3657th Elizabeth Rodgers Elizabeth Rodgers $687
4116th Julie Rodier Julie Rodier $606
5086th Jillian Paragg Jillian Paragg $501
5473rd Reuben Ford Reuben Ford $374
5483rd Noémie Auclair-Ouellet Noémie Auclair-Ouellet $372
6640th Taylor Hui Taylor Hui $147
6967th Kim Lehrer Kim Lehrer $111
7424th Basia Pakula Basia Pakula $73
7655th Masashi Miyairi Masashi Miyairi $57
8586th Haley du Fresne Haley du Fresne $10
8586th Jasmine Thomas Jasmine Thomas $10
8586th Mathieu Simard Mathieu Simard $10
8586th Patrick Wray Patrick Wray $10
8586th Shawn de Raaf Shawn de Raaf $10
3rd Payrollin’ Payrollin’ $5,015
Members of Payrollin’
187th Courtney Clarke Courtney Clarke $4,421
5484th Andrew Wigglesworth Andrew Wigglesworth $371
4th ERM Canada ERM Canada $4,859
Members of ERM Canada
996th Louise Pearce Louise Pearce $1,863
1235th Isha Mistry Isha Mistry $1,624
2637th Rosie Camacho Rosie Camacho $956
7188th Luz Patricia Cerda Luz Patricia Cerda $102
5th Vincent Design Vincent Design $4,427
Members of Vincent Design
1826th Zack Ogilvie Zack Ogilvie $1,244
2290th Shaun Vincent Shaun Vincent $1,065
3571st Anja Pearson Anja Pearson $705
4609th Chris Redekop Chris Redekop $538
4881st Katie Milbery Katie Milbery $508
N/A Kali MacDonald Kali MacDonald $0
N/A Renee Campbell Renee Campbell $0
6th Tew gether we ride in Havelock Tew gether we ride in Havelock $2,901
Members of Tew gether we ride in Havelock
484th Rochelle Tew Rochelle Tew $2,901
7th Dassault Systèmes Dassault Systèmes $2,832
Members of Dassault Systèmes
2908th Justine Bookbinder Justine Bookbinder $866
4697th Dominick Lauzon Dominick Lauzon $525
5907th Amir Sahebjam Amir Sahebjam $269
6642nd Colin Freeland Colin Freeland $147
6794th manuel nguyen manuel nguyen $126
6944th Teena Mola Teena Mola $115
7013th Dom Devin Dom Devin $106
7340th Fabio Venezian Fabio Venezian $89
7390th Hadrien Dunant Hadrien Dunant $80
7390th Kiran Chinta Kiran Chinta $80
7390th Llyr Devin Llyr Devin $80
7390th Sienna Devin Sienna Devin $80
7394th Jean-Pascal Fortier Jean-Pascal Fortier $79
7666th Crystal Ho Crystal Ho $52
7666th Tudor Breahna Tudor Breahna $52
7666th Vincent Rouillard Vincent Rouillard $52
8242nd Valerie Dumais Valerie Dumais $36
8th One Plant Peddlers One Plant Peddlers $2,820
Members of One Plant Peddlers
2157th Richie Brazil Richie Brazil $1,107
2957th ryan grenville ryan grenville $854
4958th Aidan Key Aidan Key $504
7396th conner Greencorn conner Greencorn $78
7930th Devon Cook Devon Cook $36
N/A Ashley Stewart Ashley Stewart $0
9th Hazmasters Hazmasters $2,393
Members of Hazmasters
2386th Greg Ikeda Greg Ikeda $1,031
5650th Marlo Nay Marlo Nay $322
7678th Chantal Lauzon Chantal Lauzon $52
10th Book Peddlers Book Peddlers $2,314
Members of Book Peddlers
3519th Martha Chown Martha Chown $714
5320th Chantale Boileau Chantale Boileau $425
5730th Sharon Hoedlmoser Sharon Hoedlmoser $305
6205th Chris Streets Chris Streets $212
6231st Barry Godding Barry Godding $207
7023rd Alison Schroeder Alison Schroeder $104
7930th Darcy Glidden Darcy Glidden $36
7930th Judy Morozuk Judy Morozuk $36
N/A Audrey Kennington Audrey Kennington $0
N/A Vivien Keiling Vivien Keiling $0
11th AGF AGF $1,640
Members of AGF
4793rd Jean-Robert Boudreau Jean-Robert Boudreau $515
5321st Islam Khan Islam Khan $425
6966th Patrycja Wygnal Patrycja Wygnal $111
8298th tim ayotte tim ayotte $26
8531st Cache Li Cache Li $10
8605th Lucile Remy Lucile Remy $5
8605th Mosaab Ahmed Mosaab Ahmed $5
N/A Catherine Gendron Catherine Gendron $0
N/A Praba Kandasamyar Praba Kandasamyar $0
12th Team Lench Team Lench $1,590
Members of Team Lench
1273rd Erin Lench Erin Lench $1,590
13th GEO Meandering Mudpuppies GEO Meandering Mudpuppies $1,375
Members of GEO Meandering Mudpuppies
1591st Patrick Padovan Patrick Padovan $1,375
14th North Glengarry North Glengarry $1,268
Members of North Glengarry
3655th Michel Lalonde Michel Lalonde $687
5796th Sarah Huskinson Sarah Huskinson $290
6563rd Reilly Doonan Reilly Doonan $156
7382nd Jena Doonan Jena Doonan $83
7678th Garrett VanderBurg Garrett VanderBurg $52
15th BikeKit BikeKit $1,132
Members of BikeKit
5207th Anthony Page-Schmittzehe Anthony Page-Schmittzehe $464
6028th Donald Pham Donald Pham $247
6608th Kate Taylor Kate Taylor $152
7445th Ian Gervais Ian Gervais $72
7678th Robert Kerr Robert Kerr $52
N/A Alex Voloshchenko Alex Voloshchenko $0
N/A Jarrett Croll Jarrett Croll $0
16th SA Newfoundland SA Newfoundland $1,074
Members of SA Newfoundland
5508th Greg Pike Greg Pike $362
6535th John Butt John Butt $163
17th T&T cycle challenge T&T cycle challenge $878
Members of T&T cycle challenge
5640th Emmanuel Innocent Emmanuel Innocent $326
5806th Amanda Mitternacht Amanda Mitternacht $289
18th Damaris Vision Damaris Vision $745
Members of Damaris Vision
5009th Gideon Oke Gideon Oke $502
6048th Motun Ladele Motun Ladele $243
19th Dog Lounge Dog Lounge $517
Members of Dog Lounge
5177th Laura Attard Laura Attard $481
7930th Kiauna Guillaumier Kiauna Guillaumier $36
20th Canada Post Canada Post $503
Members of Canada Post
4978th Ron Sannachan Ron Sannachan $503
21st Westerner Park Flo-Mangos Westerner Park Flo-Mangos $228
Members of Westerner Park Flo-Mangos
6354th Martin Palindat Martin Palindat $191
N/A TJ Paigude TJ Paigude $0
22nd Q-Crew Q-Crew $100
Members of Q-Crew
7211th Brodie Quinton Brodie Quinton $100
N/A Dana Bogers Dana Bogers $0
N/A Mackie Quinton Mackie Quinton $0
N/A Rich Heise Rich Heise $0
23rd World in a Box team World in a Box team $72
Members of World in a Box team
N/A Bruna Furlan Bruna Furlan $0
N/A Darya Yatskova Darya Yatskova $0
N/A Fedor Iatskov Fedor Iatskov $0
24th FierceHunters2022 FierceHunters2022 $67
Members of FierceHunters2022
7593rd Trish Smith Trish Smith $67
25th DS.Services DS.Services $35
Members of DS.Services
8248th Jason Douglas Jason Douglas $35
N/A Dragon Riders Dragon Riders $0
Members of Dragon Riders
N/A Annika Peloski Annika Peloski $0
N/A Tofino Dogsitting Tofino Dogsitting $0
Members of Tofino Dogsitting
N/A Etienne Herold Etienne Herold $0
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