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Rank Name Raised
1st Bass Pro Shops - Vancouver Bass Pro Shops - Vancouver $3,321
Members of Bass Pro Shops - Vancouver
30th John Donnelly John Donnelly $2,250
245th Skye Mennen Skye Mennen $911
2902nd lester wagner lester wagner $95
3791st Aimy Stecher Aimy Stecher $45
4564th Tony Blouin Tony Blouin $20
N/A Chris Villanueva Chris Villanueva $0
N/A Christen Haines Christen Haines $0
N/A cody lane cody lane $0
N/A Danielle Fraser Danielle Fraser $0
N/A Darla Donnelly Darla Donnelly $0
N/A Gabriel Sanjurjo Gabriel Sanjurjo $0
N/A Jamie Schellenberg Jamie Schellenberg $0
N/A Jason Gontier Jason Gontier $0
N/A Julie Scribner Julie Scribner $0
N/A Kayla Morton Kayla Morton $0
N/A Kristian Adamson Kristian Adamson $0
N/A maclean white maclean white $0
N/A Nathan Tomas Nathan Tomas $0
N/A Seham Alahmadi Seham Alahmadi $0
N/A Stephanie Muise Stephanie Muise $0
2nd Dassault Systèmes Dassault Systèmes $875
Members of Dassault Systèmes
394th Paul Carter Paul Carter $725
2128th Melanie Arguin Melanie Arguin $150
N/A Valerie Dumais Valerie Dumais $0
3rd Guardian Guardian $730
Members of Guardian
1048th Sarah Flint Sarah Flint $410
1271st Alyssia Baller Alyssia Baller $320
4th WorkSafeBC WorkSafeBC $360
Members of WorkSafeBC
1636th Meghan Fitz-James Meghan Fitz-James $235
3452nd Leo Guevara Leo Guevara $50
N/A Matthew Levy Matthew Levy $0
5th Team Brattle 2019 Team Brattle 2019 $350
Members of Team Brattle 2019
2367th Andy Harington Andy Harington $120
2367th Nicholas Harington Nicholas Harington $120
3829th Haleh Asadnia Haleh Asadnia $40
N/A Chris Polson Chris Polson $0
N/A Wendy Wilkins Wendy Wilkins $0
6th MakersOn2Wheels MakersOn2Wheels $235
Members of MakersOn2Wheels
2258th Sarah-Jane Birtch Sarah-Jane Birtch $135
2619th Wendy Fraser Wendy Fraser $100
7th Nolan Hill Sobeys Nolan Hill Sobeys $225
Members of Nolan Hill Sobeys
2323rd Barb Bryan Barb Bryan $125
2619th Dawn Racette Dawn Racette $100
N/A Kenneth Pantoja Kenneth Pantoja $0
8th Team GOI Team GOI $110
Members of Team GOI
2526th Eric Ratch Eric Ratch $110
N/A Jane Greig Jane Greig $0
9th Trōv Trōv $85
Members of Trōv
3452nd Heikki Koivikko Heikki Koivikko $50
3880th Kim Bilida Kim Bilida $35
10th Waterloo iNCRedibles Waterloo iNCRedibles $35
Members of Waterloo iNCRedibles
N/A Pooja Joshi Pooja Joshi $0
N/A Saatvik Bhayana Saatvik Bhayana $0
N/A DNDVictoria DNDVictoria $0
Members of DNDVictoria
N/A Annabelle Harrington Annabelle Harrington $0
N/A Green Circle Green Circle $0
Members of Green Circle
N/A Andrea Diaz Andrea Diaz $0
N/A TENstrong TENstrong $0
Members of TENstrong
N/A Kelly Goodwin Kelly Goodwin $0
N/A Kendra Friesen Kendra Friesen $0
N/A Nadine Pearson Nadine Pearson $0
N/A Wes Loewen Wes Loewen $0
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