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Insurance & Superannuation

Rank Name Raised
1st Swiss Re Slow Uphillers Swiss Re Slow Uphillers $27,780
Members of Swiss Re Slow Uphillers
9th Jonathan Isherwood Jonathan Isherwood $15,012
177th John Pfeffer John Pfeffer $4,542
1843rd David Moss David Moss $1,236
2422nd Russell McGuire Russell McGuire $1,024
2432nd Andrea Wang Andrea Wang $1,023
2746th Cecilia Wang Cecilia Wang $911
3063rd Sujata Sachdev Sujata Sachdev $825
4172nd Harry Moss Harry Moss $599
4579th Maria Ossowska Maria Ossowska $541
4886th Manuel Groger Manuel Groger $507
5839th Amit Arora Amit Arora $280
6030th Kimberly Heber Kimberly Heber $247
6150th Caroline Ruel Caroline Ruel $224
7371st Marcela Abreu Marcela Abreu $86
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