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IT & Telecommunications

Rank Name Raised
1st CommScope CommScope $6,613
Members of CommScope
114th Shawn Brown Shawn Brown $5,347
2010th Jason Boles Jason Boles $1,162
7017th James Drozdiak James Drozdiak $104
N/A Hayden Barker Hayden Barker $0
N/A Mykel Millar Mykel Millar $0
2nd Rivercity Tech Rivercity Tech $5,798
Members of Rivercity Tech
524th Mitch Redekopp Mitch Redekopp $2,800
1092nd Kevin Benneyworth Kevin Benneyworth $1,768
3468th Elwood Redekopp Elwood Redekopp $724
3rd CM-Leathal Weapons CM-Leathal Weapons $5,016
Members of CM-Leathal Weapons
1998th Julien Gagnier Julien Gagnier $1,166
3450th vicken philippossian vicken philippossian $728
4901st Erin Rappaport Erin Rappaport $507
6621st Raffi Philippossian Raffi Philippossian $150
7023rd Bettina Wulffsen Bettina Wulffsen $104
7296th Marc Lievin Marc Lievin $93
7930th Daniel Atack Daniel Atack $36
N/A Ali Boudedja Ali Boudedja $0
N/A Glaucimar Lima Glaucimar Lima $0
4th SalesforceVancouver SalesforceVancouver $4,308
Members of SalesforceVancouver
1088th David Brossard David Brossard $1,770
3589th Vasundra Srinivasan Vasundra Srinivasan $702
3661st Richard Sexton Richard Sexton $686
4453rd Julian Navaratnam Julian Navaratnam $555
5975th Yaoyao Lin Yaoyao Lin $254
N/A Jen Ullett Jen Ullett $0
N/A Michael Collins Michael Collins $0
5th EquinixCanada EquinixCanada $4,234
Members of EquinixCanada
2011th Mia Goodman Mia Goodman $1,162
3226th Robert Stevens Robert Stevens $781
3309th Kristen Senechal Kristen Senechal $763
4455th Varun Malhotra Varun Malhotra $555
4889th Nan Zhang Nan Zhang $507
6th Meridian Chain Gang Meridian Chain Gang $1,353
Members of Meridian Chain Gang
3550th Roberta Dunlop Roberta Dunlop $708
5879th Dugald Dunlop Dugald Dunlop $274
6389th Don Dunlop Don Dunlop $186
6389th Shaun Meany Shaun Meany $186
7th SBX Riders SBX Riders $1,138
Members of SBX Riders
5370th Irene Toro Irene Toro $405
6389th Jaime Segura Jaime Segura $186
6482nd Lineu Graeff Lineu Graeff $176
8th Shaw Large Business Champions Shaw Large Business Champions $923
Members of Shaw Large Business Champions
4731st Jodry Clayton Jodry Clayton $519
5378th Jaidev Boznianin Jaidev Boznianin $404
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