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Hospitality & Tourism

Rank Name Raised
1st Daylight Tofino Daylight Tofino $2,741
Members of Daylight Tofino
2223rd Mac Smyth Mac Smyth $1,087
7445th Daylight Tofino Daylight Tofino $72
N/A Dakota Cooney Dakota Cooney $0
N/A Ernest Adusei Ernest Adusei $0
N/A Matty Kearns Matty Kearns $0
N/A Robin Knight Robin Knight $0
2nd Pure Kitchen Elgin Pure Kitchen Elgin $1,003
Members of Pure Kitchen Elgin
2534th Barry Bigras Barry Bigras $1,003
N/A Betty's Bikers Betty's Bikers $0
Members of Betty's Bikers
N/A liz phillips liz phillips $0
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