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Hospitality & Tourism

Rank Name Raised
1st Fit PALs Fit PALs $1,605
Members of Fit PALs
122nd David Luckman David Luckman $1,185
N/A Natalie Wert Natalie Wert $170
2128th Megan Angelini Megan Angelini $150
2619th Tonia Savoury-Drewlo Tonia Savoury-Drewlo $100
N/A Herbert Gradauer Herbert Gradauer $0
2nd Big White - Asher Road Big White - Asher Road $1,290
Members of Big White - Asher Road
504th Brittany Riehl Brittany Riehl $640
1220th Christina Daubeney Christina Daubeney $340
2619th Mark Grignard Mark Grignard $100
4394th Kathryn Harris Kathryn Harris $25
4394th Vanessa Stembridge Vanessa Stembridge $25
N/A Liam Craig Liam Craig $0
3rd hilton garden pedal pushers hilton garden pedal pushers $170
Members of hilton garden pedal pushers
1993rd Heather Howkins Heather Howkins $170
4th Priceline Partner Network Priceline Partner Network $100
Members of Priceline Partner Network
4564th Iain Connor Iain Connor $20
N/A Michael Moski Michael Moski $0
N/A Nick Burke-Gaffney Nick Burke-Gaffney $0
N/A Ryan Bend Ryan Bend $0
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