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Healthcare & Medical

Rank Name Raised
1st Revival Therapeutics & Performance Revival Therapeutics & Performance $5,051
Members of Revival Therapeutics & Performance
1435th Lori MacQueen Lori MacQueen $1,474
2979th Dave Jackson Dave Jackson $844
3963rd David Kolesnik David Kolesnik $630
4545th Deanna Vezina Deanna Vezina $544
5959th Brodie Lefaivre Brodie Lefaivre $258
7020th Carly Kolesnik Carly Kolesnik $104
N/A Ally Lo Ally Lo $0
N/A Islay Pearman Islay Pearman $0
N/A Robyn Bagley Robyn Bagley $0
2nd TCS Gives Back! TCS Gives Back! $4,259
Members of TCS Gives Back!
2443rd Michelle Montgomery Michelle Montgomery $1,018
3234th Sarah Darkes Sarah Darkes $776
3825th mike saran mike saran $652
6322nd Beverley Clayton Beverley Clayton $197
6430th Wendy Crawford Wendy Crawford $181
3rd PROTx Pedalers PROTx Pedalers $2,138
Members of PROTx Pedalers
2565th Brenda Bond Brenda Bond $994
5298th Grace Heukshorst Grace Heukshorst $437
5332nd Kate Elliott Kate Elliott $418
6329th Keegan Fitzgibbons Keegan Fitzgibbons $197
7295th Lauren Phillips Lauren Phillips $93
N/A Jen Appleby Jen Appleby $0
4th BioTwin BioTwin $2,133
Members of BioTwin
1747th Frederic Audet Frederic Audet $1,287
2970th Philippe Noël Philippe Noël $846
N/A Arnaud Caouette Arnaud Caouette $0
N/A Louis-Philippe Noel Louis-Philippe Noel $0
5th Aqua Dental Aqua Dental $1,706
Members of Aqua Dental
3896th Heidi Howson Heidi Howson $640
5243rd Sandra Preston Hofland Sandra Preston Hofland $452
6063rd Tracy Hearty Tracy Hearty $237
6440th Huda AJ Huda AJ $180
6th Family Physiotherapy Clinic Family Physiotherapy Clinic $1,309
Members of Family Physiotherapy Clinic
2805th Shahina Shaikh Shahina Shaikh $893
5695th Adi Vijay Adi Vijay $313
7020th Vijay Kulasekaran Vijay Kulasekaran $104
7th NSHA Chipman Bikers NSHA Chipman Bikers $1,194
Members of NSHA Chipman Bikers
3179th Merve Ozdemir Merve Ozdemir $791
7935th Duane Currie Duane Currie $36
8306th Stella Stewart Stella Stewart $26
N/A Danielle Neaves Danielle Neaves $0
N/A Jill Blackburn Jill Blackburn $0
8th Overcome Café Overcome Café $960
Members of Overcome Café
2824th Louis-Philippe Landry Louis-Philippe Landry $887
9th Allied Health Chainbreakers Allied Health Chainbreakers $574
Members of Allied Health Chainbreakers
6274th Mat Suitor Mat Suitor $204
6423rd Theresa Rowan Theresa Rowan $183
7020th Charlene Chu Charlene Chu $104
7376th Amber Clarke Amber Clarke $84
N/A Danielle Michaud Danielle Michaud $0
N/A Emily Chell Emily Chell $0
N/A Jade Carmichael Jade Carmichael $0
N/A Rhea Wade Rhea Wade $0
N/A Tracy Perreault Tracy Perreault $0
N/A Tyler Ledwos Tyler Ledwos $0
10th Canadian Mushers Canadian Mushers $366
Members of Canadian Mushers
5499th Thomas Webber Thomas Webber $366
Members of AFWC
N/A Heidi Scott Heidi Scott $0
N/A NECC Clinical Research NECC Clinical Research $0
Members of NECC Clinical Research
N/A Chris Lavoie Chris Lavoie $0
N/A Matthew Willoughby Matthew Willoughby $0
N/A Pure Chaos Pure Chaos $0
Members of Pure Chaos
N/A Ai Koshirae Ai Koshirae $0
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