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Healthcare & Medical

Rank Name Raised
1st Murdoch's Marauders Murdoch's Marauders $10,695
Members of Murdoch's Marauders
220th Dale Engen Dale Engen $4,256
1562nd Scott Duggan Scott Duggan $1,478
2483rd Melanie Jaeger Melanie Jaeger $1,059
3210th Deb DuMerton Deb DuMerton $851
3215th Michael McMullen Michael McMullen $850
3332nd Jordan Leitch Jordan Leitch $820
4277th Chris Haley Chris Haley $650
6117th Francis Nguyen-Do Francis Nguyen-Do $427
N/A Ashley Furevick Ashley Furevick $0
N/A Brodie Lipon Brodie Lipon $0
N/A Jared Cohen Jared Cohen $0
N/A Jesse Chen Jesse Chen $0
N/A Jessica Burjorjee Jessica Burjorjee $0
N/A Mack Kosak Mack Kosak $0
N/A Sasha Kheyson Sasha Kheyson $0
N/A Taryn Davidson Taryn Davidson $0
N/A Tracy Cupido Tracy Cupido $0
2nd Momentum Health & Evidence Sport and Spine Momentum Health & Evidence Sport and Spine $4,841
Members of Momentum Health & Evidence Sport and Spine
1525th Wendy Flechas Wendy Flechas $1,505
1816th Joel Newman Joel Newman $1,321
3564th Blair Puente Blair Puente $775
6197th Sandy Oviatt Sandy Oviatt $409
7032nd Karla Selmer Karla Selmer $247
7307th Shalyn Huehn Shalyn Huehn $207
7635th Rachel Grant Rachel Grant $162
7717th Frederic Martel Frederic Martel $155
9397th Grace Oloresisimo Grace Oloresisimo $40
N/A Colin Johnston Colin Johnston $0
N/A Eli Silva Eli Silva $0
N/A Peter Tenove Peter Tenove $0
N/A Victoria McArthur Victoria McArthur $0
3rd LifeLabers LifeLabers $4,308
Members of LifeLabers
2457th Deborah Miotto Deborah Miotto $1,064
3801st Alicia Rykenhuizen Alicia Rykenhuizen $730
4631st Bheerico Garrovillas Bheerico Garrovillas $604
5949th Courtney Peacock Courtney Peacock $478
6035th Maryam Baghalha Maryam Baghalha $446
6426th Pam Janjuha Pam Janjuha $359
8263rd Shehleen Rasul Shehleen Rasul $105
9026th Susi Potzold Susi Potzold $52
9924th Raj Janjuha Raj Janjuha $32
4th The PROTx Pedalers The PROTx Pedalers $4,261
Members of The PROTx Pedalers
4817th Brenda Bond Brenda Bond $1,120
2662nd Karen Heukshorst Karen Heukshorst $1,014
4961st Dan Purcell Dan Purcell $561
4975th Caitlin Roberts Caitlin Roberts $560
6982nd Kate Elliott Kate Elliott $252
7211th Grace Heukshorst Grace Heukshorst $219
7742nd Sally Rowter Manley Sally Rowter Manley $154
8142nd Tamara Carr Tamara Carr $115
8606th Adam Becker Adam Becker $81
8606th Autumn Heukshorst Autumn Heukshorst $81
N/A Madison Campbell Madison Campbell $0
N/A Tina Meldrum Tina Meldrum $0
5th SickKidsTO SickKidsTO $4,090
Members of SickKidsTO
3628th Maddie Millard Maddie Millard $764
3944th Bryan Campbell Bryan Campbell $701
N/A Reza Rezaei Reza Rezaei $0
6th I Be Pro Fun I Be Pro Fun $3,493
Members of I Be Pro Fun
404th Trenton Penner Trenton Penner $3,180
8002nd April Andrews April Andrews $124
7th Allied Health Chainbreakers Allied Health Chainbreakers $3,363
Members of Allied Health Chainbreakers
484th Tyler Ledwos Tyler Ledwos $3,002
7311th Amber Clarke Amber Clarke $206
8265th Theresa Rowan Theresa Rowan $104
9031st Juan Merino Juan Merino $52
N/A Anna Merino Anna Merino $0
N/A Rhea Wade Rhea Wade $0
8th LIVE WELL Vancouver LIVE WELL Vancouver $3,221
Members of LIVE WELL Vancouver
2776th Vivean Ready Vivean Ready $1,001
5465th John Dawson John Dawson $514
6071st Monika Postle-Hacon Monika Postle-Hacon $436
6465th Jack Schuller Jack Schuller $352
6608th Laura Blumenthal Laura Blumenthal $319
7898th Chandni Datta Chandni Datta $138
8606th Lisette Bergeron Lisette Bergeron $81
8751st Jamie Chan Jamie Chan $72
9031st Mikka Pesigan Mikka Pesigan $52
9031st paul nguyen paul nguyen $52
9532nd Claire Smits Claire Smits $35
N/A Megan Mackay Megan Mackay $0
N/A Sarah Sullivan Sarah Sullivan $0
N/A Tien Nguyen Tien Nguyen $0
N/A Veerle Anseeuw Veerle Anseeuw $0
9th Team Revival Team Revival $2,350
Members of Team Revival
3621st Brodie Lefaivre Brodie Lefaivre $765
4428th David Kolesnik David Kolesnik $630
5428th Carly Kolesnik Carly Kolesnik $517
N/A Ally Lo Ally Lo $0
N/A John Ksenic John Ksenic $0
10th Family Physio Family Physio $1,823
Members of Family Physio
3047th Vijay Kulasekaran Vijay Kulasekaran $893
3536th Shahina Shaikh Shahina Shaikh $780
N/A Adi Vijay Adi Vijay $0
11th Seekers Seekers $555
Members of Seekers
6344th Lorrin Prudhomme Lorrin Prudhomme $379
7540th Richard Nahas Richard Nahas $176
N/A Antonio Pirrello Antonio Pirrello $0
N/A Haider Zaidan Haider Zaidan $0
N/A Richard Nahas Richard Nahas $0
N/A Shadi Nahas Shadi Nahas $0
N/A Meridian Rehabilitation Meridian Rehabilitation $0
Members of Meridian Rehabilitation
N/A Taylor Welykholowa Taylor Welykholowa $0
N/A Ortho Exam Riders Ortho Exam Riders $0
Members of Ortho Exam Riders
N/A Jong Min Lee Jong Min Lee $0
N/A ValĂ©rie Lemieux Valérie Lemieux $0
N/A Pathway Rehabilitation Pathway Rehabilitation $0
Members of Pathway Rehabilitation
N/A Carlo Dungca Carlo Dungca $0
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