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Rank Name Raised
1st RBC Plaza Riders RBC Plaza Riders $5,692
Members of RBC Plaza Riders
839th Karim Assaad Karim Assaad $2,077
1595th Anthony Pirrotta Anthony Pirrotta $1,398
4265th Dwayne Nelson Dwayne Nelson $1,129
9807th Rebecca Pereira Rebecca Pereira $75
N/A Atena Abdolrazagh Atena Abdolrazagh $0
N/A Rodney Cupid Rodney Cupid $0
2nd Waterloo iNCRedibles Waterloo iNCRedibles $4,110
Members of Waterloo iNCRedibles
1106th Arun Eapen Arun Eapen $1,732
1357th Tino Fernandes Tino Fernandes $1,547
7295th Kulvinder Singh Kulvinder Singh $328
10260th Clifford Mathew Clifford Mathew $50
10260th Saurabh Patel Saurabh Patel $50
10657th Kanwar Singh Kanwar Singh $41
10675th Cole Vander Veen Cole Vander Veen $40
N/A Calvin Tran Calvin Tran $0
N/A Damien Dorobek Damien Dorobek $0
N/A Pooja Joshi Pooja Joshi $0
N/A Saatvik Bhayana Saatvik Bhayana $0
N/A Yuktika Pahwa Yuktika Pahwa $0
3rd Ride to Inspire Ride to Inspire $70
Members of Ride to Inspire
9872nd Simran Singh Simran Singh $70
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