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6 - 15 years old

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Rank Name Raised
1st Sofia Pitre Sofia Pitre 4years $7,160
2nd Yip Kids Yip Kids 2years $5,630
3rd Jordyn Guichon Jordyn Guichon 3years $5,093
4th Kendra Le Page Kendra Le Page 2years $4,562
5th Grace Belisle Grace Belisle $3,857
6th Kingsley McNaughton Kingsley McNaughton 3years $3,831
7th Sara Caners Sara Caners 2years $3,438
8th Alice Smith Alice Smith $3,016
9th Liam Hendrix Liam Hendrix $3,001
10th Ryder King Ryder King $2,908
11th Leah Vono Leah Vono $2,827
12th Emmett DiGiuseppe Emmett DiGiuseppe $2,733
13th Sydney Aitken Sydney Aitken $2,578
14th Madison Armstrong Madison Armstrong 2years $2,501
15th Caleb Leblanc Caleb Leblanc 2years $2,434
16th Amberly Snyder Amberly Snyder $2,414
17th CJ McDevitt CJ McDevitt $2,355
18th Ethan Zoerb Ethan Zoerb $2,332
19th Marcus Capili Marcus Capili $2,115
20th Owen Aldridge Owen Aldridge 7years $2,048
21st Félix Sonier Félix Sonier 4years $2,043
22nd Abbygail Caron Abbygail Caron 2years $1,875
23rd Taylor Whittall Taylor Whittall 2years $1,852
24th Brennen Montgomery Brennen Montgomery $1,685
25th Ellie Gelowitz Ellie Gelowitz 3years $1,606
26th Yusuf Abdo Yusuf Abdo 2years $1,546
27th Cameron Green Cameron Green $1,528
28th Bennett Siaroff Bennett Siaroff 6years $1,500
29th Ellie Lerner Ellie Lerner $1,492
30th Klapwyk Girls Klapwyk Girls 2years $1,460
31st Ethan Pilgrim Ethan Pilgrim $1,438
32nd Lilah Bombard Lilah Bombard 2years $1,424
33rd Katie Cook Katie Cook $1,422
34th Sarah Hamby Sarah Hamby 2years $1,411
35th Luke Binns Luke Binns 2years $1,401
36th Rhys Clark Rhys Clark $1,387
37th Eva Rooyakkers Eva Rooyakkers 2years $1,380
38th Kate Power Kate Power 3years $1,370
39th Gracie Rigler Gracie Rigler $1,370
40th Mycroft Roberts Mycroft Roberts $1,340
41st Sean MacFarlane Sean MacFarlane 4years $1,313
42nd Kiarra H Kiarra H 3years $1,304
43rd Alyssa Corriveau Alyssa Corriveau $1,293
44th Tyler Garcia Tyler Garcia 2years $1,279
45th Luke Smith Luke Smith $1,271
46th Alex Ross Alex Ross 3years $1,178
47th Elliott Soos Elliott Soos 2years $1,175
48th Maya Morales Beardy Maya Morales Beardy $1,170
49th Gavin and Aiden Vahey Gavin and Aiden Vahey 2years $1,156
50th Jacob Orso Jacob Orso $1,149