• October 7, 2022
    7 Oct 2022

    Well today was such a fun day...we explored an area of Friesland where hubby's parents and grandparents grew up. We biked 34.9 kilometers (on electric bikes as it was super windy along the canals and out in the open). We stopped at a nice little bakery were they had too many delicacies to choose from, so the lady behind the counter offered to bring us our coffee outside on the terrace and would choose for us. She came out with our coffees and had picked out five different items and cut them in half, so we got to check out a variety of what they had to offer. We continued on our journey back to the bike rental place, which is a stone's throw from our B and B. The afternoon we went back to Burgum to visit with our friends were we enjoyed a take out dinner of fries and frikandels. More coffee after dinner and then found our way back to the B and B. All in all, it was as fantastic day!

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  • 34.9 km ride - Riding in Fryslan - October 7, 2022
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  • September 21, 2022
    21 Sep 2022

    While my cycling is over for this year, there are still a few donations trickling in off and on! Thank you to those who have supported me this year. On behalf of the kids we are helping, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    September 21, 2022
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  • 3.5 km ride - To the market and back home - September 10, 2022
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  • Farewell to my Friend Walt
    9 Sep 2022

    While officially my rides for GCC 2022 are completed, I still get out for the occasional ride. This morning it was a quick ride to say farewell tio my friend Walt, who leaves for overseas on Sunday. If you are interested in following his journey, join his page on Facebook at Get Busy Living. You won't regret it.....Walt has some pretty exciting adventures to be sure!

    Farewell to my Friend Walt
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  • 1.7 km ride - Farewell to my friend Walt - September 9, 2022
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  • GCC 2022 - Day 31
    31 Aug 2022

    Today is the last day of the GCC challenge for this year! Bittersweet as GCC is a huge part of my life to raise funds for the cause of childhood cancer, but sad that the need still exists!😭. I have met my riding goals for the year, and you all have helped me raise an enormous amount of money for the cause this year. For this I am forever humbled and grateful! I plan to return for my seventh year riding and fundraising next year, so be watching for the fundraisers beginning early in the new year! For now, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT FOR A CAUSE THAT MEANS A LOT TO ME! LOVE ❤️ TO ALL AND SEE YOU IN THE NEW YEAR!

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  • GCC 2022 - Day 29
    30 Aug 2022

    Today was a busy day delivering jam, a coffee visit with a former neighbour who moved away and then a lovely lunch with a cousin! Always fun catching up with relatives I don’t see often. Then a quick trip home to do some banking and remembered a donation still “out there”. Stopped in to see the gentleman and voila, one more donation! But now I think I’m tapped out and any further donations would be a surprise for me! I am pleased with GCC 2022 efforts and thank all of you who have helped me with this! I appreciate each and every one of you. Again GCC has been a fantastic experience but now I need to shift my focus for a bit! There are just a few loose ends to tie up yet but then it’s over for the year for me! Come January I hope to start on fundraising for GCC 2023 so be watching for some fundraisers at that time!

    GCC 2022 - Day 29
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  • GCC 2022 - Day 28
    28 Aug 2022

    Today was special. A ride out to the Beachville Museum for the Car Show, got me to my 400 kilometers!!! My challenge now is for anyone who has not sponsored as yet (or even if you have) to donate based on the kilometers over 400 that I am able to accumulate in the next three days! Cut off date for cycling is August 31, 2022.

    GCC 2022 - Day 28
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  • 14.4 km ride - GCC 2022 - Day 28 - officially done - August 28, 2022
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