Meet Abby


Abby is a spirited, playful, energetic and stylish 5-year-old. She loves dressing up in fun outfits and riding her little pink bicycle through the hospital halls. 

But on November 27th of 2020…Abby was diagnosed with leukemia.

Abby’s journey began when the family doctor found some enlarged lymph nodes on her body and ordered for diagnostic tests. Abby had a blood test in the morning and at 11pm that night, her family was asked to wake Abby up and head straight to hospital.

Within the next hour, their world was flipped upside down, as they were told that little Abby had paediatric leukemia. Her family was crushed…

The following day, the doctors found a subtype of leukemic cells in her cerebral spinal fluid and Abby was given the more accurate diagnosis of B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

A treatment plan was quickly made and Abby started receiving blood transfusions immediately. Within a few days, she began chemotherapy.

Abby’s family prepared themselves for whatever they would have to face…

Abby currently goes to hospital every week for her chemotherapy, which is taken both through IV and in her spine.

But despite everything...Abby continues to smile and face life with style and positivity. She even comes to the hospital wearing her amazing outfits!

As her mum told us, “Abby was born with a fiery attitude and that will be our saving grace”.

Let's give Abby the bright future that she deserves. Abby...we're riding for you this August, brave girl!