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    7 Jul 2019

    To all of our sponsors - Amy and I sincerely appreciate your kind contribution to help us raise $1800 for kid's cancer research. It took all of us to make this possible and we are so grateful for your support and encouragement throughout the month. We got out on our bikes each and every day knowing that we were riding for each of you and for a very important cause.

    Posted 15 days ago
  • Day 31 and onwards!
    7 Jul 2019

    GCC is open until July 26th due to poor weather conditions out west through the month of June! Amy and I are going to continue with our rides but on an every other day schedule to complement Amy's summer 6 km every other day running plans! We will make use of the GCC tracker and look forward to maintaining our biking fitness!

    Day 31 and onwards!
    Posted 15 days ago
  • Day 30
    7 Jul 2019

    We made it! Soooooooooooo good!

    We take our Day 30 ride on the Wigamog Road and back to the cottage by Hwy 21 in Haliburton for 10 km. So fitting that there are several hills to test us just like in Cheltenham! We celebrate and treat ourselves to Kawartha Dairy ice cream by riding into town (10.5km) the following day!

    Day 30
    Posted 15 days ago
  • Day 29
    7 Jul 2019

    Back home from a week away at Soyers Lake in beautiful Haliburton! Our Day 29 bike ride happened early on Sat. June 29th before we started packing for our cottage holiday; we enjoyed a very pleasant ride to Inglewood and back. Bikes were then loaded into the boat, ready for the trip!

    Day 29
    Posted 15 days ago
  • Day 28
    29 Jun 2019

    School's out! Heat's on! Hot and humid with rain showers. We are still looping on our local trail due to business and time constraints but we manage three loops tonight for a total of 11 km! Amy's back tire is flat again so it back in the saddle on Gary's big bike. A beautiful sky tonight before darkness falls on our third loop.

    Day 28
    Posted 23 days ago
  • Day 27
    29 Jun 2019

    Shorter and sweeter! We slept in and missed our planned morning ride! Amy managed two loops of our local trail in the midday heat while I set out in the dark (Amy came with me!) to do a loop after we took Gary out for his birthday to see Toy Story 4! There is a reason why people only ride their bikes in the daylight! We picked our way along by the small light on Amy's bike! The bugs loved us!

    Day 27
    Posted 23 days ago
  • Day 26
    27 Jun 2019

    Short and sweet! Post graduation and retirement party ride with pressure to get home for teacher thank you gifts prep! Two rounds of our local trail it is! Hard to believe that we are getting to the end of our 30 day challenge!

    Day 26
    Posted 25 days ago
  • Day 25
    27 Jun 2019

    Terra Cotta flats for us this evening after Amy's run and tired legs. I myself am feeling pretty good after my couch nap!! :)

    Amy's arms, unlike her legs, are strong enough to lift her bike up just as we are seeing in other GCC Insta posts!

    Day 25
    Posted 25 days ago
  • Day 24
    24 Jun 2019

    Our second EARLY morning! Up and at 'um!

    5 am alarm and flat ride to Inglewood, getting back home by 6:10 in time for school day prep! Our first possum sighting and a gorgeous morning sunrise! Nice to have the ride complete with plans set for later this evening!

    Day 24
    Posted 28 days ago
  • Day 23
    24 Jun 2019

    Backwards day! Dealing with our hilliest/toughest route backwards to lessen the strain and ease daily ride tenderness! Still a good workout but more manageable this way! Heavy garbage Monday sighting that no one in our house knew about! A truly beautiful end to a gorgeous weekend!

    Day 23
    Posted 28 days ago
  • Day 22
    23 Jun 2019

    We wear our well earned GCC bike shirts for the first time! Pockets on the back hold our phones so my fanny pack no longer needed! Our longest ride yet (15.8 km) as we ride further past Inglewood, over to the bridge that crosses Hwy. 10 and back. Feeling good on the flats!

    Day 22
    Posted 29 days ago
  • Day 21
    23 Jun 2019

    Happy Solstice!

    Three weeks complete - YAY!

    Gary joins in for late evening ride but packs it in about half way through! End of week fatigue and dinner belly make Station Rd hill VERY challenging for me; happy to complete the ride today as a result!

    Day 21
    Posted 29 days ago
  • Day 20
    21 Jun 2019

    Rain drops keep falling on our head! (only second day with rain!) Not another soul on the trail, save for the approaching skunk and assorted frogs that we were steering around! A mud trail up our back and various plant and dirt debris were sure signs that we had been out and riding through many trail puddles!

    Day 20
    Posted 31 days ago
  • Day 19
    20 Jun 2019

    Later and later! Thank goodness for the longer light and approaching summer solstice. So thankful for the need to get out on our bikes even with other after school plans and commitments. Warmer temperatures bring more bugs pinging off our faces and more mosquitos waiting at the bike shed!

    Day 19
    Posted 31 days ago
  • Day 18
    19 Jun 2019

    YAY!!! We have just reached our $1500 goal! A BIG THANK YOU to all of our sponsors! We are so grateful and excited to make such a generous donation to Sick Kids on everyone's behalf. Soooooo good! A late evening ride (backwards day, taking on the big hills from the opposite direction!) gifts us with a beautiful glowy sunset and the chance for a much needed coach nap when I arrived home today!

    Day 18
    Posted 33 days ago
  • Day 17
    18 Jun 2019

    Sore muscles! Amy is running 5km every second day along with daily bike riding (prep for fall cross-country) and I am feeling the cumulative effects of 16 days of consecutive bike rides! Hot tub, Advil and a lighter ride for us tonight. The mosquitos still showed no mercy!

    Day 17
    Posted 34 days ago
  • Day 16
    18 Jun 2019

    Happy Father's Day to Gary! The girls and I made him a special dinner complete with warm homemade brownie/ice cream/June strawberries which gave Amy & I a definite handicap as we set out for our evening ride! :P So it was three rounds of our local trail for 9km with very full bellies!

    Day 16
    Posted 34 days ago
  • Day 15
    16 Jun 2019

    Saturday! Two weeks complete! We are on it! YAY!

    Our longest ride yet as we chose a new route, leaving Cheltenham and riding south to Mayfield Rd and north Brampton. Amy is just now back on her bike, as it took days to get the tire repaired and a kick stand added on too! Rain held off!

    Day 15
    Posted 36 days ago
  • day 14
    16 Jun 2019

    Not my best ride after post Raptors/Reporting late Thursday night and then a Friday evening belly full of pasta; yes, there was whining while dealing with our most challenging "big hills" ride! To make matters worse, our GCC did not accurately record our usual 9.2km and served us up 7.3km instead.

    day 14
    Posted 36 days ago
  • Day 13
    14 Jun 2019

    What a night it was! Raptors take it! YAY!

    Report cards all done! YAY!

    No one on the trial to Inglewood for our late evening ride pregame except one large deer that surprised us by jumping across the trail just ahead of us! Once again, the rain had let up so it was a lovely 12 km ride.

    Day 13
    Posted 38 days ago
  • Day 12
    13 Jun 2019

    Backwards day! A beautiful evening ride after 8 pm! We have strayed away from our hilliest route, due to time constraints, and thought we would ease back into it by riding it backwards since it is not quite as bad attacking it from the other direction! Mission accomplished! We are ready to face it full-on on Friday now!

    Day 12
    Posted 39 days ago
  • Day 11
    12 Jun 2019

    Short and sweet!

    6.7km, 2 times around our local neighborhood trail after getting home late from an appointment. Amy and Gary then did the same short and sweet trail run to keep up with their training schedule. Done and done!

    Day 11
    Posted 40 days ago
  • Day 10
    11 Jun 2019

    8 pm ride tonight over to Terra Cotta due to report card writing and Amy's dental appt. VERY QUIET on the route as everyone was tucked in, ready for the Raptors' game! Late ride just fine with us as the rain had finally stopped. Yes, we got home in time for the game!!

    Day 10
    Posted 41 days ago
  • Day 9
    10 Jun 2019

    A beautiful morning ride to over to Inglewood looks like the 401! Packs of bike riders on the road and on the trail, joggers, dog-walkers, and people walking; we haven't yet seen it so busy! Hard to be on foot on the trail when there are so many bikes whizzing by. But all good as LOTS of people are getting outside!

    Day 9
    Posted 42 days ago
  • Day 8
    9 Jun 2019

    First Week complete! YAY! My legs CAN do this each day!

    This was backwards day! We rode our toughest route backwards to reduce the intensity of the big hills; still good leg work but not quite as intense. Hats off to Amy for then doing a 5km run with Gary; she says the bike riding was a good warm up and that she had a good run! Ahhhh - to be sweet 16!

    Day 8
    Posted 43 days ago
  • Day 7
    9 Jun 2019

    GOOD morning!

    We headed out the door at 5:15am to ride our bikes to Inglewood and back before school! Our solution to having evening plans. Thank goodness for Gary's bike as Amy found out that her bike had a serious flat tire. We loved the morning light on the trees in the trail's woodlot.

    Day 7
    Posted 43 days ago
  • Day 6 - "Big Hills" day
    6 Jun 2019

    You know it's Day 6 when you don't even know that your bike shorts are on inside out! (Amy broke the news to me well into the ride!) We started our ride today down at the store (so we could put up a GCC poster!) so our distance is shorter at 8.8km. We were both tired but we made it on our hardest route.

    Day 6 - "Big Hills" day
    Posted 45 days ago
  • Day 5
    6 Jun 2019

    Rain! We went anyway! Our GCC T-shirts turned a deeper shade of orange! And at dusk - we went anyway and enjoyed a quiet ride with no one on the trail... except a lot of bugs. We were rewarded with a view of a beautiful deer in the adjoining field. A new route to the Mile 0 stone over at Terra Cotta.

    Day 5
    Posted 46 days ago
  • Day 4
    5 Jun 2019

    Caledon is not flat!!!

    Our legs and knees are feeling the previous three consecutive bike rides today due to the many hills and inclines in and around Cheltenham! No doubt we will adjust as we get stronger thru the weeks. Rain held off and weather remains cool; perfect for riding!

    Day 4
    Posted 47 days ago
  • Days 1-3
    5 Jun 2019

    We're pumped!

    We are riding well past our estimated 6.3km distance with alternating 9.2km (big hills) and 12.4km (more flat to Inglewood) routes since we have added on an additional "cool down" trail.

    Days 1-3
    Posted 47 days ago
  • $1,000 raised to fight kids' cancer!

    We just hit $1,000 to fight kids' cancer! Thank you so much for your support.

    Posted 49 days ago
  • $500 raised to fight kids' cancer!

    We just hit $500 to fight kids' cancer! Thank you so much for your support.

    Posted 54 days ago
  • $250 raised to fight kids' cancer!

    We just hit $250 to fight kids' cancer! Thank you so much for your support.

    Posted 54 days ago
  • Getting Ready!
    17 Mar 2019

    This June, Duck-duck-goose! is taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge to fight kids' cancer! Each of 30 days, 6.3 km/day in Caledon, rain or shine!

    Why? Because right now, over 1,400 children are diagnosed with cancer every year, and it's the biggest killer of children from disease in Canada.

    Kids should be living life, not fighting for it.

    So we are raising funds through our challenge to help these kids and support SickKids Foundation to allow them to continue their work in developing treatments and finding a cure for childhood cancer.

    Please support us by making a donation to give these kids the brighter futures they deserve.

    Your support will change little lives.

    Thank you!

    Mandy & Amy

    Posted 127 days ago
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