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Rank Name Raised
N/A Lemuel Vicente Lontoc Guevarra Lemuel Vicente Lontoc Guevarra $0
N/A Nathan Burt Nathan Burt $0
N/A Devon FoXXX Devon FoXXX $0
N/A Dakota Buckley Dakota Buckley $0
N/A Adam Bonin Adam Bonin $0
N/A Amr Has Amr Has $0
N/A Daniel Mejias Daniel Mejias $0
N/A Donna Beaulac Donna Beaulac $0
N/A Gary Baptiste Gary Baptiste $0
N/A Ramil C. Delute Ramil C. Delute $0
N/A Jim Davis Jim Davis $0
N/A Isan Mamaril Isan Mamaril $0
N/A Meagan Ferguson Meagan Ferguson $0
N/A Diane Layton Diane Layton $0
N/A Siby E. Varghese Siby E. Varghese $0
N/A Zack Ary Zack Ary $0
N/A Guillaume DeschĂȘnes Guillaume Deschênes $0
N/A Sandy Phetchamphone Sandy Phetchamphone $0
N/A Beata Ishmael Beata Ishmael $0
N/A Cody Halama Cody Halama $0