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Rank Name Raised
130th Brittany Dixon Brittany Dixon $100
N/A Brodie O'Rourke Brodie O'Rourke $0
N/A Bruce Lalime Bruce Lalime $0
N/A Bruna Peixoto Bruna Peixoto $0
N/A Bryan Hamman Bryan Hamman $0
N/A Bryan Trudel Bryan Trudel $0
239th bryan wood bryan wood $35
N/A Byron Helstrom Byron Helstrom $0
306th Caitlin Hallett Caitlin Hallett $20
N/A Callie Murray Callie Murray $0
N/A Camille Arscott Camille Arscott $0
N/A Camille Pomponi Camille Pomponi $0
N/A Candace Boulet Candace Boulet $0
N/A Carl Forde Carl Forde $0
N/A Carla O'Donnell Carla O'Donnell $0
61st Carlin Parsons Carlin Parsons $270
N/A Carmen Nicholls Carmen Nicholls $0
N/A Carmene Mckittrick Carmene Mckittrick $0
239th Carol Schepp Carol Schepp $35
N/A Carolyne Buchanan Carolyne Buchanan $0