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Rank Name Raised
139th Dianne Trask Dianne Trask $25
139th John Wakefield John Wakefield $25
139th Melanie Campbell Melanie Campbell $25
139th Sonya Touesnard Sonya Touesnard $25
145th Emily McLaughlin Emily McLaughlin $20
145th Jaime Pacreu Jaime Pacreu $20
145th Wendy Dawn Wendy Dawn $20
N/A Aaron Brook Aaron Brook $0
N/A Aaron Jacob Aaron Jacob $0
N/A Adam Cripps Adam Cripps $0
N/A Adam Lerner Adam Lerner $0
N/A Adam Stephenson Adam Stephenson $0
N/A Aileen Panting Aileen Panting $0
N/A AJ Agcaoili AJ Agcaoili $0
N/A Akash Shetty Akash Shetty $0
N/A Alan Soever Alan Soever $0
N/A Aleksei Rogatinskii Aleksei Rogatinskii $0
N/A Alexa Leigh Alexa Leigh $0
N/A Alexandre Bouchard Alexandre Bouchard $0
N/A Allison Anckaert Allison Anckaert $0