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Rank Name Raised
N/A Amy Leung Amy Leung $0
N/A Amy Strachan Amy Strachan $0
N/A Amy Swaile Amy Swaile $0
N/A Amy Wong Amy Wong $0
N/A Ana Cantoni Ana Cantoni $0
N/A Andre Vautour Andre Vautour $0
44th Andrew Campbell Andrew Campbell $410
7th Andrew Gergely Andrew Gergely $1,609
N/A Andrew Grove Andrew Grove $0
N/A Andrew Hill Andrew Hill $0
29th Andrew Lilly Andrew Lilly $510
N/A Andrew Lukaris Andrew Lukaris $0
N/A Andy Bakker Andy Bakker $0
N/A Aneta Kula Aneta Kula $0
201st Angel Klodt Angel Klodt $50
N/A Angela Biyak Angela Biyak $0
N/A Angela Lycett Angela Lycett $0
N/A Angela Rose Angela Rose $0
104th Angela Sorensen Angela Sorensen $120
N/A Angelie Danao Angelie Danao $0