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Rank Name Raised
7116th Ryan Gravis Ryan Gravis 6years $35
511th Sam Starr Sam Starr 4years $1,315
7771st Stephen Pilcher Stephen Pilcher 4years $25
5115th Steve Hemstead Steve Hemstead 4years $120
660th Terry Cutting Terry Cutting $1,147
3992nd Vince P. Mayne Vince P. Mayne $224
4484th Wayde Nie Wayde Nie 3years $174
N/A Yves Dinh Yves Dinh $0
N/A Zachary Erskine Zachary Erskine $0
3065th Christopher Brooks Christopher Brooks 2years $355
34th Lorne Duke Lorne Duke 3years $4,951
N/A Bruce Lalime Bruce Lalime $0
1706th Eugene Shershnev Eugene Shershnev 4years $633
N/A Michael Schott Michael Schott 4years $0
1712th Mourad Belhocine Mourad Belhocine $630
3656th Philip Clark Philip Clark 3years $264
2924th Suzanne Rushton Suzanne Rushton $385
7771st Brayden Buchner Brayden Buchner $25
1420th Brandon MacLean Brandon MacLean $713
N/A Julian Luckham Julian Luckham 3years $0