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Rank Name Raised
901st Ali Syed Ali Syed $400
3244th Allison Segeren Allison Segeren $35
N/A Amin Noorani Amin Noorani 2years $0
N/A Amin Rashid Amin Rashid $0
3754th Amy Jasper Amy Jasper 5years $25
N/A Andrea Ross Andrea Ross $0
N/A Andres Restrepo Andres Restrepo $0
1241st Andrew barton Andrew barton $260
N/A Andrew Black Andrew Black $0
61st Andrew Kwieton Andrew Kwieton $2,459
320th Angela Biyak Angela Biyak 2years $825
4004th Angelo Gabriel Lim Angelo Gabriel Lim $10
464th Ann McDonald Ann McDonald 3years $650
131st Anthony Banuelos Anthony Banuelos 2years $1,375
N/A Anthony Ferlatte Anthony Ferlatte $0
N/A ANthony Mariani ANthony Mariani $0
N/A Anthony Patrick Saoud Anthony Patrick Saoud 2years $0
2149th Anton Bazhal Anton Bazhal 3years $100
2856th Antonio Nunes Antonio Nunes 2years $50
N/A Areeb Siddiqui Areeb Siddiqui $0