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Rank Name Raised
N/A Angy Linka Angy Linka $0
N/A Anika Balsdon Anika Balsdon $0
N/A Anna Koss Anna Koss $0
N/A Annabelle Van Annabelle Van $0
N/A Anne Godin Anne Godin $0
N/A Anthony Runstedler Anthony Runstedler $0
N/A Antonious Touma Antonious Touma $0
N/A Arie Vanspronsen Arie Vanspronsen $0
N/A Arlene Woodstock Arlene Woodstock $0
N/A Art Przasnyski Art Przasnyski $0
N/A Arun Venkatesan Arun Venkatesan $0
N/A Ashley D McGregor Ashley D McGregor $0
N/A Ashley Laurin Ashley Laurin $0
N/A Ashley Martin Ashley Martin $0
N/A Ashley Mutch Ashley Mutch $0
N/A Austin Anderson Austin Anderson $0
N/A Austin Berry Austin Berry $0
N/A Austin Sersen Austin Sersen $0
N/A Ayo Assumpção-Alakija Ayo Assumpção-Alakija $0
N/A Barb Crawford Barb Crawford $0