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Rank Name Raised
N/A Ray Bock Ray Bock $0
N/A Ray Hubble Ray Hubble $0
N/A Rex Centina Rex Centina $0
40th Robbie Sevilla Robbie Sevilla $50
N/A Robert Potts Robert Potts $0
N/A Rochelle Hemery Rochelle Hemery $0
N/A Roger Doiron Roger Doiron $0
N/A Roy Jack Roy Jack $0
N/A Ruth Schneider Ruth Schneider $0
21st Ryan Dupuis Ryan Dupuis $150
N/A Ryan Fiddler Ryan Fiddler $0
N/A Sabine Waldhauser Sabine Waldhauser $0
12th Sam Miller Sam Miller $250
N/A Sandeep Ghotra Sandeep Ghotra $0
N/A Sandra Mosher Sandra Mosher $0
40th Sarah Faubert Sarah Faubert $50
N/A Scott Gillis Scott Gillis $0
N/A Shannon LaCrosse Shannon LaCrosse $0
19th Sharon McQuade Sharon McQuade $159
N/A Shelly Duffney Shelly Duffney $0