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Rank Name Raised
62nd Mikey12110 Poulin Mikey12110 Poulin $100
62nd Neil Fancey Neil Fancey $100
62nd Pauline Robinet Pauline Robinet $100
62nd Rebecca Steppler Rebecca Steppler $100
62nd Ron Niville Ron Niville $100
62nd Scott Gillis Scott Gillis $100
62nd Sue Dewar Sue Dewar $100
62nd Susan Dallhoff Susan Dallhoff $100
62nd Tanya Chan Tanya Chan $100
90th Stacey Gagnon Stacey Gagnon $95
91st Paul Langendoen Paul Langendoen $85
92nd Brian Bohnert Brian Bohnert $70
92nd Christiane Charron Christiane Charron $70
92nd Connie Cook Connie Cook $70
92nd Gerry Pot Gerry Pot $70
92nd Jerrold Lemko Jerrold Lemko $70
92nd Jocelyn Modl Jocelyn Modl $70
92nd Mike Cuthbert Mike Cuthbert $70
92nd Monica Karppinen Monica Karppinen $70
92nd Nancy Brooks Nancy Brooks $70