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Rank Name Raised
139th Karl Spangler Karl Spangler $1,231
140th Charisse Barry Charisse Barry 2years $1,225
140th Lisa Thornton Lisa Thornton 3years $1,225
142nd Josee DiTomasso Josee DiTomasso 3years $1,220
142nd Mohammad Zolmajd Mohammad Zolmajd 4years $1,220
N/A Elizabeth Lowe Elizabeth Lowe 3years $0
144th Lois Sharpe Lois Sharpe $1,210
144th Rob Hawkins Rob Hawkins $1,210
146th Christopher Zottl Christopher Zottl 6years $1,195
146th Monique Bourque Monique Bourque $1,195
148th Marvin Friesen Marvin Friesen 2years $1,193
149th Tom St. Amand Tom St. Amand 2years $1,190
150th Trevor Matthews Trevor Matthews $1,185
151st Mary Solomon Mary Solomon 6years $1,180
152nd Andre Laurent Andre Laurent 2years $1,165
152nd Christopher Lynch Christopher Lynch 2years $1,165
154th Tashelle Gariepy Tashelle Gariepy $1,145
155th Anthony Ruta Anthony Ruta 3years $1,130
155th Lisa Geisler Lisa Geisler $1,130
155th Nolan McGinlay Nolan McGinlay 3years $1,130