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Rank Name Raised
134th Lyndell Levitt Lyndell Levitt $2,620
134th Perry Dunmore Perry Dunmore $2,620
136th Dennis Wilton Dennis Wilton $2,617.47
137th Sally Meyer Sally Meyer $2,612.10
138th Rick Dyer Rick Dyer $2,604.40
139th Cheryl Charron Cheryl Charron $2,601.76
140th Barbara Metaxas Barbara Metaxas $2,600.03
141st Debbie Woods Brodie Debbie Woods Brodie $2,600
141st Johanna Wildmoser Johanna Wildmoser $2,600
141st Marjie Hyland Marjie Hyland $2,600
144th Bob Hett Bob Hett $2,595.98
145th Owen Friedman Owen Friedman $2,577.75
146th Peter Ross Peter Ross $2,571.97
147th Terry McKee Terry McKee $2,554.04
148th Bennett Siaroff Bennett Siaroff $2,553.72
149th Connor Muldoon Connor Muldoon $2,552.31
150th Lee Robinson Lee Robinson $2,540.30
151st Dan Poirier Dan Poirier $2,535.96
152nd Anne-Marie Proulx Anne-Marie Proulx $2,534.87
153rd Trish Rasmussen Trish Rasmussen $2,532.77