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Rank Name Raised
N/A Stacey Rodrigues Stacey Rodrigues $0
N/A Stanislav Petrukhin Stanislav Petrukhin $0
N/A Steve Longstreet Steve Longstreet $0
N/A Steven Dimock Steven Dimock $0
N/A Su Webster Su Webster $0
N/A Tammy Kurytnik Tammy Kurytnik $0
N/A Tarek Daoud Tarek Daoud $0
N/A Timothy Chen Timothy Chen $0
N/A Tracy Callender Tracy Callender $0
N/A Trudy Conway Trudy Conway $0
N/A Tyler Teeple Tyler Teeple $0
N/A Ysabelle Vautour Ysabelle Vautour $0
N/A Yves Beauvilliers Yves Beauvilliers $0
N/A Bryan Madsen Bryan Madsen $0
N/A Cara WIlliams Cara WIlliams $0
N/A Joseph Zelena Joseph Zelena $0
N/A Nick Wakeham Nick Wakeham $0
N/A Stacey Rodrigues Stacey Rodrigues $0
N/A Susan Martin Susan Martin $70
N/A Tegen Dunnill Jones Tegen Dunnill Jones $0