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Rank Name Raised
55th Laura Henderson Laura Henderson $3,570.44
56th Jean Gagnon Jean Gagnon $3,569.37
57th Christopher Zottl Christopher Zottl $3,549.33
58th Suzanne Chamberland DeMoissac Suzanne Chamberland DeMoissac $3,533.73
59th Leslie Percy Leslie Percy $3,530.82
60th Raymond Wood Raymond Wood $3,523.79
61st Debbie Barr Debbie Barr $3,484.33
62nd Peter Kellerman Peter Kellerman $3,461.51
63rd Trudy Conway Trudy Conway $3,442.47
64th Patrick Collins Patrick Collins $3,435.99
65th Howard Evans Howard Evans $3,399.94
N/A Niaomi Niaomi Loveridge Niaomi Niaomi Loveridge $0
66th Curtis Chamberlayne Curtis Chamberlayne $3,362
67th Rod Boulay Rod Boulay $3,361.18
68th Robert Solomonson Robert Solomonson $3,347.37
69th Jim Miller Jim Miller $3,345.41
70th Paul Millar Paul Millar $3,341.20
71st Mike Stacey Mike Stacey $3,330.16
72nd Arlene White Arlene White $3,316.73
73rd Des Reilly Des Reilly $3,312.28