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Rank Name Raised
40th Ian Macleod Ian Macleod $4,416
41st Trudy Conway Trudy Conway $4,361.69
42nd Francine Fallara Francine Fallara $4,300
43rd Dale Sorensen Dale Sorensen $4,293.04
44th Keillan Lavigne Keillan Lavigne $4,235
45th Louise Pearce Louise Pearce $4,188.23
46th Rick Stadler Rick Stadler $4,137.77
47th Suzanne Chamberland DeMoissac Suzanne Chamberland DeMoissac $4,115
48th Adrian Hawaleshka Adrian Hawaleshka $4,108.68
49th Jamie Lamont Jamie Lamont $4,079.77
49th Zyg Strecha Zyg Strecha $2,798.68
50th Tony Tucceri Tony Tucceri $4,059.73
51st Elizabeth Apresto Rossi Elizabeth Apresto Rossi $4,033.95
52nd Grant Leach Grant Leach $4,000
53rd Pat Brand Pat Brand $3,984.30
54th Abby Kendall Abby Kendall $3,865.27
55th Catherine Schmalz Catherine Schmalz $3,801.25
56th Mark Foerster Mark Foerster $3,770
57th Don Leslie Don Leslie $3,712.22
58th Lesley Preston Lesley Preston $3,614.03