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Rank Name Raised
40th Chuck Salmon Chuck Salmon $5,914
41st Jenny & Scott Dietrich Jenny & Scott Dietrich $5,904
42nd George Faria George Faria $5,897
42nd Petra Szypula Petra Szypula $4,179
43rd Michel Baril Michel Baril $5,711
44th Leonard Gareau Leonard Gareau $5,637
45th Donna Allegro Donna Allegro $5,613
46th Marcel Richard Marcel Richard $5,611
47th Mary Shirkie Mary Shirkie $5,601
48th Joan Coffin Joan Coffin $5,576
49th Sandra Cole Sandra Cole $5,557
50th Denis Dion Denis Dion $5,508
51st Leslie Percy Leslie Percy $5,458
52nd Adrian Robertson Adrian Robertson $5,441
53rd Koti Veeranki Koti Veeranki $5,417
54th Dan Pona Dan Pona $5,316
55th Mike Holwell Mike Holwell $5,302
56th Peter Gotlieb Peter Gotlieb $5,286
57th Andrew Bennett Andrew Bennett $5,278
58th Richard Teixeira Richard Teixeira $5,264