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Rank Name Raised
61st Curtis Hughes Curtis Hughes $2,285
61st Olivier Gendron Olivier Gendron $2,285
63rd Megan Routley Megan Routley $2,280
64th Terri Megraw Terri Megraw $2,275
65th James D Carroll James D Carroll $2,265
66th William Southcott William Southcott $2,255
67th Rick Stadler Rick Stadler $2,210
68th Jaz Seera Jaz Seera $2,180
68th Luke Lillicrop Luke Lillicrop $2,180
70th Melanie Fox Melanie Fox $2,125
70th Ron Paley Ron Paley $2,125
72nd Andrew Clarke Andrew Clarke $2,106
73rd Pat Brand Pat Brand $2,101
74th Keith Stewart Keith Stewart $2,086
75th Adam Coombs Adam Coombs $2,075
76th Mark Hamby Mark Hamby $2,070
77th Andre Laurent Andre Laurent $2,050
78th Mark Warren Mark Warren $2,015
79th James Chamberlain James Chamberlain $2,010
80th Bonnie Prince Bonnie Prince $1,960