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Rank Name Raised
154th Trudy Rafuse Trudy Rafuse $2,524.23
155th Don Leslie Don Leslie $2,520.70
156th Alexander Quinn Alexander Quinn $2,512.28
157th Gord Oliver Gord Oliver $2,511.22
158th Norm Beltrame Norm Beltrame $2,508.13
159th Donica Clark Donica Clark $2,507.17
160th Suzanne Beveridge Suzanne Beveridge $2,503.95
161st Grace Bugg Grace Bugg $2,501.12
162nd Mike Couture Mike Couture $2,500.04
163rd Jean Giachino Jean Giachino $2,500
163rd Ramsey Reid Ramsey Reid $2,500
165th Corrinne de Zoete Corrinne de Zoete $2,485.79
166th Terry Corbett Terry Corbett $2,439.18
167th Mark Williment Mark Williment $2,437.82
168th Alice Hayes Alice Hayes $2,436.14
169th Andy McCormick Andy McCormick $2,425
170th Deborah Grigg Deborah Grigg $2,423.97
171st Carina Nielsen Carina Nielsen $2,414.58
172nd Mike Cuthbert Mike Cuthbert $2,393.84
173rd Chris Lawson Chris Lawson $2,376.53