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Rank Name Raised
N/A Andrew Campbell Andrew Campbell $0
N/A Andrew Coburn Andrew Coburn $0
N/A Andrew Fyfe Andrew Fyfe $0
N/A Andrew Lukaris Andrew Lukaris $0
N/A Andrew Seaman Andrew Seaman $0
N/A Andy Guest Andy Guest $0
164th Andy Harrower Andy Harrower $100
N/A Andy Ivory Andy Ivory $0
N/A Andy Legg Andy Legg $0
N/A Angel Scott Angel Scott $0
287th Angela Trumble Angela Trumble $35
199th Angie Bradley Angie Bradley $95
N/A ani Harper ani Harper $0
N/A Anish Dhakal Anish Dhakal $0
N/A Ann Greene Ann Greene $0
38th Ann McDonald Ann McDonald $500
N/A Ann Reid Ann Reid $0
N/A Anna Doucette Anna Doucette $0
N/A Anna Krupnova Anna Krupnova $0
N/A Anna Pekar Anna Pekar $0