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Rank Name Raised
130th Kyle Doucette Kyle Doucette $50
130th Laura Magallanes Laura Magallanes $50
130th Louis Ranalli Louis Ranalli $50
130th Marisa Hernandez Marisa Hernandez $50
130th Matthew Wright Matthew Wright $50
130th Pascal Monat Pascal Monat $50
130th RaeAnn French RaeAnn French $50
130th Robert Ripley Robert Ripley $50
130th Stephen Beerman Stephen Beerman $50
130th Suzana Carla Nunes Lins Espíndola Suzana Carla Nunes Lins Espíndola $50
130th Therese Street Therese Street $50
130th Tineka Bishop Tineka Bishop $50
130th Yvonne Romas Yvonne Romas $50
151st Terri Craig Terri Craig $35
153rd Jonathan Cook Jonathan Cook $40
153rd Matthew Smith Matthew Smith $40
155th Arkadiusz Broniarz Arkadiusz Broniarz $35
155th Barbara Polehoykie Barbara Polehoykie $35
155th Chris Price Chris Price $35
155th Colin Crook Colin Crook $35