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Rank Name Raised
N/A Samantha Tully Samantha Tully $0
N/A Sarah Schild Sarah Schild $0
N/A Sarah Tennant Sarah Tennant $0
N/A Sha Quiyt Sha Quiyt $0
N/A Sharon Kerry Sharon Kerry $0
N/A Sharon McQuade Sharon McQuade $0
N/A Shawn Perrin Shawn Perrin $0
N/A Sherry Walker Sherry Walker $0
N/A Sigita Naujokaite Sigita Naujokaite $0
N/A Simon O’Reilly Simon O’Reilly $0
N/A Sri Chandrapatla Sri Chandrapatla $0
N/A Steve ostrom Steve ostrom $0
N/A Susan Thomson Susan Thomson $0
N/A Suzanne Guest Suzanne Guest $0
N/A Teresa Jenkinson Teresa Jenkinson $0
N/A Terry McKee Terry McKee $0
N/A test UnitedStates test UnitedStates $0
N/A Tia Julien Tia Julien $0
N/A Tim Ing Tim Ing $0
N/A Timothy Gjernes Timothy Gjernes $0