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Rank Name Raised
6849th Pam Hasson Pam Hasson $422
64th Michel Baril Michel Baril $6,100
300th Braden Hellems Braden Hellems $3,398
N/A Caleb Ahn Caleb Ahn $0
7881st Sylvain Trepanier Sylvain Trepanier $246
2812th Murray Beare. Murray Beare. $1,001
3050th Lesley Hung Lesley Hung $920
7305th Victor Ceolin Victor Ceolin $328
N/A AJ Ajay AJ Ajay $0
N/A Ranko Jovic Ranko Jovic $0
207th Sarah Smith Sarah Smith $3,848
1432nd Jeff Hunt Jeff Hunt $1,503
N/A Tanja Gutmanis Tanja Gutmanis $0
2526th Will Prentice Will Prentice $1,062
5421st Jeff Dawson Jeff Dawson $562
880th Gabriel Stein Gabriel Stein $2,025
6786th Rob Burnside Rob Burnside $437
4018th Alberto Mora Aguilar Alberto Mora Aguilar $735
274th Dean Brandt Dean Brandt $3,500
2358th Terry Duncan Terry Duncan $1,109