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Rank Name Raised
7305th Dan Allaire Dan Allaire $328
N/A Anselmo Peres Anselmo Peres $0
8406th Selim Can Selim Can $184
N/A Kevin Vu Kevin Vu $0
N/A Mark Blot Mark Blot $0
7978th Steve Vandermolen Steve Vandermolen $234
439th Tyrone Siglos Tyrone Siglos $2,921
6118th Barbi Brochu Barbi Brochu $505
403rd Chris Lawson Chris Lawson $3,046
10632nd Trevor Strutt Trevor Strutt $45
N/A Frank Sun Frank Sun $0
5671st Roberto Valente Roberto Valente $540
740th Stacey Turpin Stacey Turpin $2,301
133rd Aaron Jacob Aaron Jacob $4,545
5215th Chris Zhang Chris Zhang $583
791st Matthew Rafuse Matthew Rafuse $2,188
N/A Reuben Du Rand Reuben Du Rand $0
N/A Steven Eaton Steven Eaton $0
637th Paul Belfry Paul Belfry $410
N/A William Sitch William Sitch $0