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Rank Name Raised
N/A Cristan Redieck Cristan Redieck $0
N/A Crystal Karamanlidis Crystal Karamanlidis $0
N/A Cynthia Lennox Cynthia Lennox $0
N/A Cyprien Morisse Cyprien Morisse $0
N/A Dale Bradley Dale Bradley $0
N/A Dale Madill Dale Madill $0
N/A Dan Linkert Dan Linkert $0
N/A Dan Symes Dan Symes $0
N/A Dana Robinson Dana Robinson $0
N/A Daniel Desautels Daniel Desautels $0
N/A Daniel R. Kennedy Daniel R. Kennedy $0
N/A Daniel Savchuk Daniel Savchuk $0
N/A Daniel Stanley Daniel Stanley $0
N/A Danny Alhussamy Danny Alhussamy $0
N/A Danny Ellis Danny Ellis $0
N/A Darcy Welsch Darcy Welsch $0
N/A Darlene Fontaine Darlene Fontaine $0
N/A Darryl Campbell Darryl Campbell $0
N/A Dave Conte Dave Conte $0
N/A Dave Dorosh Dave Dorosh $0