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Rank Name Raised
98th Sara Caners Sara Caners $3,175
99th Bharat Nagin Bharat Nagin $3,175
100th Mike Santry Mike Santry 4years $3,164
101st Dale Sorensen Dale Sorensen 6years $3,156
102nd Barry Collis Barry Collis 2years $3,150
103rd Audrey Fraser Audrey Fraser $3,145
104th Ryan Henriques Ryan Henriques $3,141
105th Mike Castellano Mike Castellano $3,140
106th Don Ross Don Ross 4years $3,111
107th Kevin Bragnalo Kevin Bragnalo 3years $3,109
108th Duncan Jewell Duncan Jewell $3,109
109th Rick Stadler Rick Stadler 6years $3,046
110th Lynn Todd-Harris Lynn Todd-Harris 2years $3,041
111th Chris Pritchard Chris Pritchard $3,012
112th Drago Pavletic Drago Pavletic $3,012
113th Peter Cortesis Peter Cortesis 2years $3,004
114th Norm Beltrame Norm Beltrame 4years $3,000
115th Jeff Nealy Jeff Nealy $2,979
116th Larry Phillips Larry Phillips $2,957
117th Alistair Littlejohn Alistair Littlejohn 4years $2,955