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Rank Name Raised
101st Tim Martin Tim Martin $850
102nd Lucio Caterina Lucio Caterina $830
102nd Mary Anne Victoria Mary Anne Victoria $830
104th Creig Bale Creig Bale $820
104th Sharon Baptie Sharon Baptie $820
106th Geoff Poyntz Geoff Poyntz $805
107th Anne Godin Anne Godin $800
108th Gary Ellis Gary Ellis $790
109th Zaki Arshad Zaki Arshad $787
110th Adrian Robertson Adrian Robertson $775
111th Leslie Zabiuk Leslie Zabiuk $768
112th Michelle White Michelle White $760
113th Mathew Oleskiw Mathew Oleskiw $755
114th BrianAnd Susan Passmore BrianAnd Susan Passmore $750
114th Fraser Head Fraser Head $750
114th Tina Scarlett Tina Scarlett $750
117th Adam Wenn Adam Wenn $735
118th Darryl Toews Darryl Toews $730
118th Lezli Kuntze Lezli Kuntze $730
120th Ryan Harmer Ryan Harmer $720