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Rank Name Raised
41st Marcel Richard Marcel Richard 2years $2,895
42nd Mike Basse Mike Basse 3years $2,885
63rd Izzy Ehrlich Izzy Ehrlich $2,825
43rd Simmons Kwan Simmons Kwan 5years $2,811
44th Robert Mogensen Robert Mogensen $2,810
45th Eduardo Gonzalez Eduardo Gonzalez $2,790
46th Richard Carvalho Richard Carvalho $2,782
47th Sue Dewar Sue Dewar 6years $2,771
48th Jeff Nealy Jeff Nealy $2,765
49th Walburga Pagniello Walburga Pagniello 3years $2,700
50th Dale Sorensen Dale Sorensen 6years $2,681
51st Jamie Lamont Jamie Lamont 5years $2,630
51st Tony Tucceri Tony Tucceri 4years $2,630
53rd Susan Keen Susan Keen $2,550
54th Audrey Fraser Audrey Fraser $2,535
55th Barbara Mann Barbara Mann 6years $2,520
55th Troy Nouwen Troy Nouwen $2,520
57th Robert Manolakos Robert Manolakos 2years $2,515
58th Brad Towner Brad Towner 2years $2,500
58th Martin Durocher Martin Durocher 3years $2,500