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Rank Name Raised
60th Adrienne Young Adrienne Young $1,005
61st Ian Van Mierlo Ian Van Mierlo $1,000
62nd Dave Irwin Dave Irwin $990
63rd Peter du Toit Peter du Toit $980
64th John Osborn John Osborn $975
65th Paul Attack Paul Attack $965
66th Martin Durocher Martin Durocher $945
66th Rick Schroeder Rick Schroeder $945
68th Liana Brown Liana Brown $940
69th Hubert Gauthier Hubert Gauthier $920
70th Charlene Organ Charlene Organ $910
70th Terry McClean Terry McClean $910
72nd Jamie Maillet Jamie Maillet $900
72nd Victoria Fraser Victoria Fraser $900
74th Judy Schram Judy Schram $890
74th Mia Reyes Mia Reyes $890
76th Ron Danis Ron Danis $885
77th Andrew Bennett Andrew Bennett $875
78th Hudson Pimenta Hudson Pimenta $870
78th Joan Cleland Joan Cleland $870