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Rank Name Raised
175th Suzanne Guest Suzanne Guest $315
179th Wanda Taylor Wanda Taylor $310
180th Nichole Buchanan Nichole Buchanan $305
181st Ashley Harrison Ashley Harrison $300
181st Bob Carver Bob Carver $300
181st Connie Van Biert Connie Van Biert $300
N/A Dana Robinson Dana Robinson $0
184th Amy Sinclair Amy Sinclair $295
184th Andy Harrower Andy Harrower $295
184th Tim McColm Tim McColm $295
187th Bob Audette Bob Audette $290
187th Brad Gage Brad Gage $290
187th Fay Collier Fay Collier $290
187th Jeff Schofield Jeff Schofield $290
187th Nancy Brooks Nancy Brooks $290
192nd Ben Fast Ben Fast $285
192nd Brooke Brazeau Brooke Brazeau $285
192nd Kitty Lankhorst Kitty Lankhorst $285
192nd Leiah MacPhee Leiah MacPhee $285
192nd Sanday Brown Sanday Brown $285