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Rank Name Raised
135th Shelley Cote Shelley Cote $610
139th Karlene Daynes Karlene Daynes $605
139th Kelly Dory Kelly Dory $605
139th Walter Calnek Walter Calnek $605
142nd Dan Stone Dan Stone $600
142nd Kelvin Stanke Kelvin Stanke $600
142nd Laura Nero Laura Nero $600
142nd Richard Teixeira Richard Teixeira $600
142nd Sheena K. Buckner Sheena K. Buckner $600
147th David Campbell David Campbell $595
190th Micheline Delisle Micheline Delisle $595
147th Tina Barton Tina Barton $595
149th Brenda Done Brenda Done $590
149th Ian Cummins Ian Cummins $590
149th Tyson Loeppky Tyson Loeppky $590
152nd Jeremy Brand Jeremy Brand $580
152nd Jorin Green Jorin Green $580
154th Jon Slater Jon Slater $570
154th Leonard Bardwell Leonard Bardwell $570
154th Robert Steffen Robert Steffen $570