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Rank Name Raised
61st Ty Pylypow Ty Pylypow $5,216
62nd Domenic Perri Domenic Perri $5,209
63rd Abbie DiDonato Abbie DiDonato $5,199
64th Vince Galbraith Vince Galbraith $5,193
65th Mary Pratt Mary Pratt $5,147
66th Amy Perrey Amy Perrey $5,140
67th Jeremy Rattray Jeremy Rattray $5,115
68th Nitesh Gupta Nitesh Gupta $5,050
69th Dorrie Sharcott Dorrie Sharcott $4,983
70th Lyndell Levitt Lyndell Levitt $4,963
71st M Arkin M Arkin $4,954
72nd Theresa McNish Theresa McNish $4,891
73rd Megan Routley Megan Routley $4,890
74th Anthony Nestel Anthony Nestel $4,875
75th Darren Mallette Darren Mallette $4,869
76th Mark Warren Mark Warren $4,854
77th Daniella Novak Daniella Novak $4,851
78th Jack Gremmen Jack Gremmen $4,827
79th Sylvia Simpson Sylvia Simpson $4,789
80th Andrew Clarke Andrew Clarke $4,765